Winter art…

I’m in an Group called Orme Art and we did a winter challenge to take squares and copy a Bonnard painting. This was the result…

I’m not sure how many people did this as a few did more than one, but it’s interesting to focus in and see the different techniques used, from felt pens to pencils and paints….

Orme art group

The challenge is to copy a Bonnard painting. I’ve tried to copy this square., number three. I know I’ve made it too wide. My other two squares were painted in watercolour and felt pens, so this time I decided to use metallic coloured pencils. I’m afraid I gave up a bit on the vegiration. Trying to copy something from a photo on your phone while holding a sketchpad and drawing isn’t easy. I changed the colours because the pencils I was using were to pale..

Copying Bonnard

Orme art groups winter challenge was to take a numbered square from this Bonnard painting and try and copy it. Then when they are done by group members they are pieced back together as a final collaboration of the group.

I did one using felt pens and permanent markers. This one is done in watercolours. I’m not completely convinced by my painting but I’m not going to do any more to it. X

Time to draw or paint square 6.

I’m doing a collaboration with the Orme art group. I have already done square 2, not very well, but I’ve also volunteered to do square 6 too. Today I went out and got some new permanent markers and some gel pens, so I will try and come up with a copy of the image. It’s a painting by Bonnard, but I can’t remember the title.

We have already done copies of a Picasso, a Monet, and a Matisse if I remember rightly. Fingers crossed 🤞

Trying to draw part of a painting with felt pens…

I struggled with this. I tried to draw a square for our Orme art group collaboration of part of a Pierre Bonnard painting. I thought it looked OK but when I see the pictures side by side? Hmm. I was drawing with marker pens and felt pens, some of which would smudge, others are permanent. Clearly I haven’t been able to blend things that well and also my drawing is not as delicate. But you can’t draw paint brush marks with a felt pen. They say a bad workman blames his tools.. I don’t know…

Tier Two

Painting done at Orme Group

I was really looking forward to going back to our Orme Art Group, which is meeting for the first time in months. I was only going for the afternoon, but I was going to start doing something new. Then government decided to impose Tier two restrictions in our area. Most of the group will still be in Tier One but not me. Oh well, I have to admit I was a bit nervous of seeing people inside for the first time in months (and yet I’m happy to go shopping). Its strange how this pandemic can affect your confidence.

Maybe one day things can get back to normal, I can see my friends again. I can paint with them, spark new ideas, have fun. Do workshops learning new techniques.

Fingers crossed


Orme does Picasso

Orme arts autumn challenge. We agreed to attempt to reproduce a Picasso weeping woman painting. We did one or two panels each. I drew the top and bottom middle pages. The top on was mainly marker pens, but I could not get the purple colour so I used a mixture of white, blue and magenta to try and get it. Not right though. I also did the bottom middle panel. In that case I used watercolour paints then a black marker pen over the top.

Even though a number of artists put this together I think there is a good coherence and the squares are well matched. I’m pleased with the result.

After Picasso, section 8

I’ve just done this… It is my number 8,
I’m not happy with it but it’s the best I can do… Its a bit too tall…..
I could do it again? This is in watercolour.

When I try and copy something I don’t square it up or try and measure the proportions, which is a bit foolish. I just ‘go for it’. I could do with running this through photoshop so I could alter its proportions.

Anyway I’ve basically given up. Top is the picture I was copying. I will post the Orme Art Groups image when everyone has finished.

Attempt at a bit of Picasso

Trying to copy Picasso

With felt pens and a bit of watercolour. I can’t get the purple right, I had a purple felt pen but it’s too dark. So I tried some silver on it and when that didn’t work. I might add some brown to the blacks… With brown paint. This is part of a painting by Picasso that the Orme Group of artists are taking a section of for our autumn challenge…

Mostly finished….. But so many wrong bits!

Next Orme Art challenge.

One thing a bit more abstract. Thus is our autumn challenge. Each artist chooses a square and rgen we try and copy it as well as we can. I’ve chosen square two. Once everyone has done a square the picture is put back together and we see the results. Since this Picasso has such strong, bright colours I will probably use permanent markers to draw my square.