A handsome dog

A friend was doing some work on our garden today and he bought his dog with him. This is him sitting in the Land rover. He enjoyed coming out and seeing us working along the alleyway.

He has such a nice friendly nature, he put his paw up and wanted his chest rubbing. Then he let me scratch him behind his ears. I loved him pushing his head into my hand. He even licked my nose.

I know he’s a collie dog and he should be herding sheep probably. But it was just nice to meet a friendly animal. He only barked when the Land rover left, because he didn’t want to go!

Dog fish and green leaves

Let me just say. I have strange ideas sometimes. I’ve already painted a cat fish, and by looking at this painting of a dog fish you can probably guess what it looks like!

Continuing with my Green Man idea I have also painted another free figure. I decided to use a more graphic style for both of them.

The tablet I use is getting very slow and this bit of typing is taking ages so I will leave it at that for tonight .


1 inch sketches.

Three 1 inch sketches for the challenge for urban sketchers Stoke on Trent. One was in the cafe at a local supermarket and the other two were drawn tonight at the pub. The dog would not stay still so I only had a few seconds to look at it. The violinist was playing and again I had to do a very quick sketch.

I enjoy drawing and it’s good to challenge yourself with something new.

More to follow over the month.



A few years ago I promised to do a painting of a friends dog.

I did not realise that I would only now be painting it. Why? I honestly dont know, I moved, she moved her work place. We lost touch with each other. The photo sat on a shelf for years. I still had a contact number for her, and saw her relatives at various gatherings, but I didn’t do the painting.

Now I’ve told her I’m getting the photo back to her… I didn’t say I would do the painting, but I will try and get him done in time.

I might post a finished photo here, but if not it will be on my Facebook  Art page. I hope she likes it.

Weekend drawings

Here are a few more of my drawings from the weekend, I didn’t take a camera but did take a sketchbook. I’m doing that more these days because I joined the local urban sketchers group a few months ago.

The drawings are from the Endon well dressing where their were lots of beautiful dogs entered for a dog obedience show. I drew a little scottie dog. There is also a drawing of a fellow exhibitor.

Then on Sunday we want back to Audlem where I had sung on Saturday and had a better look round the village. There was a Chalmers car there built in 1913. I drew it and gave the picture to the owner who kindly emailed me a photo of it. There is also a quick sketch of the Shropshire union canal looking down at barges tied up near the Shroppie Fly pub at the canal wharf.

The other sketches are of the Dorothy Clive garden which we also visited (busy weekend) the rhododendrons were fully in flower in the quarry garden and the view from the terrace outside the tea shop was wonderful (why did I leave my camera behind) anyway I did some drawings of the view and made notes of the colours of the rhododendrons to possibly do a watercolour later. The foliage is always a challenge to draw, but I did my best.

Note to self, maybe take a small box of watercolours with me in future , or pastels if there is no water…..