My cats daughter

My friend posted a photo of one of her cats yesterday, and it was my cats daughter. She looks so cute with her black mask. She’s grown into a full sized cat, but her sister, who was also adopted by my friend, is only tiny like her mum.

So it’s great to see her thriving. I love her black mask, reminds me of batman! Apparently she was looking in through a window to check if my friends dog was about, but it was in another room asleep.

It’s good to know how they are. I don’t hear about their brothers who were adopted by a couple a few miles away. We did see photos of them growing up though. It’s nice to keep track of them….

Happy Easter

Eggcellent Easter wishes!

My sister bought me a mini egg Easter egg. It’s been years since I’ve had one. I opened the foil wrapping and made a small hole in the chocolate eggs side. I tipped a few of these pretty patterned chocs out, took a picture and slowly ate them (very sweet!) then rewrapped the treat in its covering, there was still a gap so I’ve turned it so the front looks untouched. I have fastened the box up. Put it back on top of the fridge. Hope hubby doesn’t notice or he might snaffle the rest if it!

New years day trifle

I decided to make a trifle for the New Year. I like doing this because I can make it sugar free. I also got my sister to bring some blancmange over because I hate custard in trifle.

There are lots of different recipes but mine is quite simple. I make up sugar free jelly first. Using about half a pint of boiling water and slightly over a quarter of a pint of port or sherry mixed into the jelly. (if you don’t want alcohol just use three quarters of a pint of water). The reason I don’t use a full pint is because I usually add a punnet of raspberries, blueberries or strawberries into the jelly, and this seems to add to the fluid levels in the jelly. (I don’t use sponge fingers because of the texture and they are full of sugar). Then I let it cool before putting the bowl in the fridge to set. A few hours later when the jelly is set I make the blancmange. That is a packet of blancmange powder mixed with three tablespoons of milk out of a pint. To this I add a tablespoon of sweetner. The rest of the milk is boiled and stirred into the blancmange mix. Then this is poured back into the saucepan and the mixture boiled again until it thickens. Once it is ready you have to wait for it to cool down before you pour it over the jelly. Finally when both layers are set I whip double (heavy) cream into stiff peaks, sometimes with a little sweetner. I spoon this on top of the trifle and serve. This makes enough for four to six servings. Tasty treat for dessert.

Celebratory Mouse Mousse

My friend bought me this mousse Mouse today from a Greek cafe as a gift. I was going to keep it till tomorrow but then I got the news that I have got my painting in the local art exhibition and I just had to celebrate.

He had (yes he’s gone) a chocolate sponge base, chocolate mousse topping and mouse shape, a shiny chocolate ganasche covering and chocolate buttons for ears and a tail. Then two white icing dots for eyes. It was very sweet to look at and eat.

We will go back so I can try some of their savory food. I fancy a Greek salad and stuffed vine leaves.


Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was sweet.

I tried to draw smarties (the British version of m&m’s?) but my shaking arm made for wobbling lines, so they are more like jelly beans perhaps? Then I had the idea of adding reflected colours on opposite sweets, but the colours are too dark. I also wanted to add shadows from various directions, like there was different coloured light illuminating the sweets, so blue grey shadow on one side and turquoise blue on the other. This could have worked better but I used felt pens again. And the sweets are egg shaped! Oh well I tried!

Indian sweets

I got some vegetable samosas today and was very tempted to buy some Indian sweets. I’m not sure how they are made but they are very nice to look at. I had some a few years ago and enjoyed them very much, but I keep my sugar consumption low so I just asked if I could take a photo. Our sketching prompt today is sweets so you might see a blog with a sketch of them later on.

Two cats?

No, just playing with mirror images again. But she is cute. And two heads are better than one? She was lying in the sunshine on our bed, happy and purring. I tilted the camera to fit her in the photo, which is why her head is at an odd angle. She is small and beautiful. She has gorgeous green eyes, she loves being stroked and purrs loudly. She makes me happy! Sweet cat x

Guess what we had for tea.

Yes, another trifle. I used sugar free jelly, but I added blueberries. Of course there was fat in it, but I made strawberry blancmange with semiskimmed milk and a sweetener instead of sugar. I used half the amount of whipped cream than I usually do. So I guess it was reasonably healthy, especially compared with other festive treats, such as stollen, mince pies and Christmas pudding (which I sadly indulged in too!).