I really must use these apples up. We have had them for a couple of weeks and apart from stewing them I also made an apple lattice pie. But its that time of year when you get a glut of fruit. Im wondering whether to slice them up and then freeze them? Or maybe make them into apple sauce, or even chutney. But I dont have any recipes. I guess I could make something up…..

I made some cider with a friend last year, its still brewing as far as I know, but she moved away and I dont want to pester her about it.

Apples are interesting. I think there are a lot of old varieties that have disappeared over the years, leaving one or two surviving without people knowing where they are. Old trees in old orchards that have been neglected. But which might be an extraordinary discovery if one is ever found.


We have lots of apples this year, some from our trees and others from a glut of apples from local gardeners. My partner bought a couple of bags. We also had some damsons this year off a tree. If you look closely, hiding in the front of my fruit bowl, are three tiny tomatoes which I grew (they didn’t do so well this year).

What to do with them? Last week I made an Apple lattice pie, this time I stewed some of the apples and damsons with a bit of water and some artificial sweetener that you can use in cooking. The result was a pink fluffy mess of stewed apples…

What to have with them? I could have served them with cream, or icecream, or custard. But I decided to try some shop bought organic rice pudding. The result was delicious.

I wish we grew more crops, we got some good red peppers, and a cucumber this year. I might try growing some courgettes and marrows next year. We also grow raspberries and the next door neighbour has wild blackberry canes growing into our garden so I also pick those. One thing that didn’t grow this year was some onion sets off a friend. I think out garden is too overshaded by trees that have grown up. We may have to cut the trees back a bit. We have also grown potatos in the past. That’s something else to grow next year.



Apple lattice pie


This is my part cooked pie!

I will add a photo when its cooked. I’m pretty sure it will have a soggy bottom. I’m using pre made puff pasty and some eating apples we got last week that needed using up. I lined a glass pie dish with foil and used butter to stop the pastry sticking. I had raised up the sides of the pastry and bent them in at the top over the top of the apples. I have put it in the oven on gas mark 7 for half an hour.

I can’t eat much sugar so have used a synthetic sugar substitute but because the apples are quite sweet I only used a couple of teaspoons of it.

Used one egg to glaze it, then realised there was too much so poured the rest into the pie through the holes in the roughly made lattice!  So basically it’s thrown together, and with the puff pastry it might be a bit flaky!

Will edit when its cooked!


Cooked a little bit burnt…….

Now to make custard!


Ripe cherries

I thought we had eaten all the cherries off out two cherry trees, but Richard went out on some step ladders and a broom today and managed to pull down a couple of branches. He came back  with about a third of a bowl of the ripest and darkest cherries we have ever had off the trees.

I was surprised, basically because we leave the top half of the trees to the blackbirds.  Every year they eat their fill of them. But its such a pleasure to have the fruit that I don’t begrudge the birds any of them.

At the same time our pear tree is gradually filling with fruits, they are quite well hidden because they are not very big yet. Our pears are the same colour as the foliage so they just don’t show up much against the leaves, where the cherries seem to glow with their internal fire of red.

Small apples are also growing slowly. The weather is hot and dry and the apples are not swelling up much. I’m not sure what sort of crop we will get. Last year all but one of the apples fell off in June so at least we are doing better than that.

We got all the fruit trees from our local Woolworths store. That was a few years ago before the firm went out of business. They were a good bargain.

What did I do with the cherries? Washed and stoned them, then had them with a small amount of vanilla icecream. Delicious and cool. Tasty.