Caught a cold.. So colouring..


I hate getting colds, but it’s that time of year….


So my sister visited and showed me a website that does something similar to the adult colouring books you can buy these days.


Now I think I’m addicted! It’s certainly taking my mind off the cough I’ve developed. It does mean I’ve wasted a lot of time doing nothing. But I need a rest. I’m hoping whatever it is, it doesn’t develop into anything worse. In the meantime, back to colouring.



Caught his cold.


Don’t read if you want to be cheered up! He’s been coughing and spluttering for a week now. He never takes medicine for colds and usually throws things off in a couple of days. He’s had flu twice in his life. He won’t rest and recover. He’s hardly eating. So I’ve tried to help, got him some cough medicine, but he won’t take it. I’m fed up with him because he doesn’t seem to realise he’s spreading germs, a virus or whatever it is.

Now I ache and have started coughing. So I’m trying to stay healthy while I run round after him. In the meantime he can’t stop. His anxieties for e him to keep doing things, keep checking things, so yeah, I’m a bit fed up and grumpy. Sorry to vent!

What a long day


I’ve felt better.

I got up early this morning because we were due to drive up to Yorkshire to visit a friend. But I felt lousy. My hubby has had a bad cough and sore throat. Well now I’ve got it too.

No chance of driving all that way, we were going to visit Fountains Abbey, but I guess I will have to wait until I’m better and we can book to go again.

Life is topsy turvey. Everything is mixed up now. I had planned to do things but it feels like I am being held back. Ah well that’s life.

Goodnight x