Wear a mask

Oh dear! I went round the supermarket today and about a third of the customers were not wearing masks. One woman in particular looked really ill, sneezing and coughing. She was struggling to get what she wanted. When we got to the till she was ahead of me, she looked flushed and hot. I stood well back even though that meant the person behind me was getting close. I tried to keep away from them too.

I won’t go back to that supermarket for a couple of days. I hope the woman is OK. I hope I don’t catch her illness. Meanwhile I’m keeping my mask on!

2 thoughts on “Wear a mask

  1. I am glad that here it is mandatory to wear masks in public places. Being from Saskatchewan, it is so cold in winter that most people are indoors the majority of the time. Even without Covid, it would be nice if people wore masks to stop the endless cycle of winter flus and colds.

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