Going out

I just got out of the house, only to go across the road to the supermarket, but it was definitely ‘out’. I leaned heavily on the shopping trolley to support myself, the cold air had got to my lungs and I felt short of breath again, but at least I didn’t cough. I was out yesterday, but only to walk from the car to the pharmacy and back again, so this was actually more of a test. The snow had all melted except in patches where it had been sheltered by the shadow of some bushes. In those places where the sun hadn’t penetrated there was crispy icy snow, glassy from compression by feet. I avoided those areas because I didn’t want to slip. Now I’m home and keeping warm. I’m wearing a fleece and my dressing gown over my clothes to keep warm!


I have just been shopping, for the first time in a week. But really I’ve only been out a few times in a month through ill health. The trouble is the superstore I go to was refurbished in the summer and because I’ve been going to a cheaper, smaller, super market I don’t know where things are. It took me about half an hour to get eight things! I used to be able to go in and get what I wanted in about five to ten minutes. Now I have to search. Plus they have added a lot more self checkouts. I prefer the manned tills, but there were big queues today so I used the self checkout. I had several ‘unexpected item in the bagging area’ situations. Partly because I took my own bag and it didn’t like it. Then it kept telling me to put the last item back in the basket? A woman manning the checkouts had to come over and sort out the computer screen. Oh for old fashioned checkout people. I went home and vowed not to go out again tonight.

A supermarket ‘present’

A local supermarket keeps sending me letters to try and get me to come back (I’ve been using the cheaper one down the road). Most weeks I get a letter and vouchers, but because of the post they are generally due to expire on that day or the next. But today I got a package which looked like it was a cloth carrier bag, plus four lots of 500 ‘point’ vouchers and you only had to spend one pound?! Whoopee!

I went to the shop, got a few things I can’t buy at the ‘cheap’ shop and proceeded to the till where I spoke to a nice man. I got the ‘bag’ out and unfolded it…. I didn’t understand, it was plain on one side. It was a TEA TOWEL! No! Not a bag! Botheration…. I bought a thirty pence!?! Carrier bag. At least I could use one of the 500 point vouchers? No. I hadn’t selected one of the supermarkets premium brand products! Botheration again.

Wear a mask

Oh dear! I went round the supermarket today and about a third of the customers were not wearing masks. One woman in particular looked really ill, sneezing and coughing. She was struggling to get what she wanted. When we got to the till she was ahead of me, she looked flushed and hot. I stood well back even though that meant the person behind me was getting close. I tried to keep away from them too.

I won’t go back to that supermarket for a couple of days. I hope the woman is OK. I hope I don’t catch her illness. Meanwhile I’m keeping my mask on!

Self service

Someone asked if there should only be self service tills in supermarkets. I aid no. I went to our local supermarket yesterday evening. I had to get a lot of stuff so we got a trolley. Have you ever tried balancing everything from your trolley on the tiny platform at the self service till? balancing it and then putting it in bags and balancing them on the other tiny platform that weighs your goods? It was crazy. There was one woman helper. She had to let me move stuff so I could carry on.
Plus it puts decent people out of work!




This is how I went to get my prescription from the supermarket today. I couldn’t see a mask so stuck my head through a new pair of knickers, gave them a twist then put the other leg hole over. Someone in the shop complemented me on the pattern!

Lots of young to middle aged blokes standing chatting together. The security guard asked them if they lived together, one said yes, the other no! One of them kept sitting down and wiping his forehead, like he had a fever! He went to the cash machine. I told the guard, he said oh the cleaners come out and wipe it over every so often.??
I tried using the touchscreen on the self checkout with my wooly gloves, that didn’t work. So had to touch it. I also tried the card reader, but that didn’t work  so had to tap in my pin number.

Then when I came out there were three blokes chatting round the car next to mine… No social distancing….

Anyway, came home and put knickers and gloves in the washing machine. Washed face and hands. Relatively safe but don’t feel safe.

Why do people need toilet rolls?


Apart from the obvious, (obviously). I went to the shop today and it was almost stripped bare of produce, so I got vaguely similar things to what I would normally get. But why are people obsessed with toilet rolls you can’t eat them can you?

List of shopping :

Loo roll roulade,

Toilet roll sausages,

Sandwiches with toilet paper squares.

Duck au loo roll?

I’m surprised my hubby found some this morning, but that’s because he went to a corner shop and not the supermarket.

Now what can I make out of a large jar of gherkins and some lime marmalade?

Automated tills


Unexpected item in the bagging area…

I’ve been thinking about using automated tills. I decided if there are cashiers at checkouts I queue. If there are none and you can only use an automated one I just take my time. It is after all my time that I am using. If it takes ten minutes to scan three things that’s how long it takes. I used to try and do it quickly but now, I don’t see why I should. For instance I can take a minute finding the bar code, and another bit of time picking up my groceries after I have scanned everything.

Cafe sketch


Drawn while waiting for a friend, the cake stands are bright pink and full of sugary delights that I avoided. I had strawberries and cream and a fruit smoothie which was made of smooshed frozen berries and very cold! This was a 20 minute drawing so didn’t go for any details. The woman walked along to the till as I was drawing so fitted her in at that end. Since urban sketchers last weekend I’m doing more of this kind of thing.




IMG_20180625_211308Unexpected item in the bagging area.

No there is nothing there.

Please wait for assistance .

Why? There is nothing there!

Please return the item to the basket.

But I have not put anything in the bagging area.

Proof of age required, please wait for assistant.

It’s only a tub of yoghurt!

Have you scanned your loyalty card?

Yes 3 times!

Have you scanned your loyalty card?

Yes 4 times.

Please wait for assistance.

Look if you had a person here I would have paid by now!

Do you require more bags?

No I’ve only bought a tub of yoghurt!

Please weigh the item!

Why! It’s a tub of Greek style yoghurt!

Please wait for a member of staff.


Please insert your payment card.

I’ve just paid cash?

Unexpected item in the bagging area.

It’s my head hitting the bagging area…

Thank you for shopping with us…..