A supermarket ‘present’

A local supermarket keeps sending me letters to try and get me to come back (I’ve been using the cheaper one down the road). Most weeks I get a letter and vouchers, but because of the post they are generally due to expire on that day or the next. But today I got a package which looked like it was a cloth carrier bag, plus four lots of 500 ‘point’ vouchers and you only had to spend one pound?! Whoopee!

I went to the shop, got a few things I can’t buy at the ‘cheap’ shop and proceeded to the till where I spoke to a nice man. I got the ‘bag’ out and unfolded it…. I didn’t understand, it was plain on one side. It was a TEA TOWEL! No! Not a bag! Botheration…. I bought a thirty pence!?! Carrier bag. At least I could use one of the 500 point vouchers? No. I hadn’t selected one of the supermarkets premium brand products! Botheration again.

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