Leave the nest and find a partner, lovebirds dance and coo. Symbol of love, kissing turtle doves. Blue birds fly over white cliffs, a timeless memory caught in glass. Does the sunlight shine through and cast flitting shadows, flying across the room so slowly and gradually, a slow motion, stop and go motion, drift of love. Like an orbit around the sun celebrated in a year but played out in a day. Background colours changing fron bright white to rose to purple and blurred blue.

Night sky

My owl painting has a grey background like moving air. But today someone suggested adding a starry night sky. I decided to digitally change the background and I have to agree. The paints are coming out and I will change it. Its good to have someone else looking at your work. It can change your opinion. I think you have to be open to other ideas. But also you have to stick to your guns if you don’t feel it will better. I hope that makes sense.

Change one letter. Word play.

Lots of these things on Facebook. I posted change one letter to make a different meaning to a food and drink…..

I started with ‘Gin and Toxic’….

People have written ‘mice crispies’, ‘ baked jeans’, ‘rile noodles’, ‘hop dog’, ‘fish and ships’, ‘car food’ and ‘hot fog’. I think playing with words is fun. Most of the posts you see online are changing a letter in a song or a band, but food and drink seems to work well. I hope you think these are funny!

Poppy seed fake?

Falling pressure

The air pressure here has dropped by about 20 or 25 millibars today. As you can see it’s gone from change/fair to rain. And it’s pouring it down outside. The wind is very gusty and its battering our trees and hedges. The hanging baskets are rocking on their brackets. I might tap the barometer and see if it drops further. This is a mechanical barometer so it needs to be tapped sometimes to get an accurate reading.

Changing pictures with filters

In this case I drew the image on the left in photoshop years ago it’s me in the style of an Escher drawing. Today it popped up in my memories in Facebook so I decided to see how it would look if I put it through the photodirector app. I used a tool called style. You have a choice of six options, and I think I used the second one for this.

I like the way it concentrates the lines in places and gives it a sharper look. But I do prefer the original… Substance over Style?

New Editor?


Has anyone else seen notices on WordPress about a new editor being released? I’m just about OK with the classic editor, and I don’t like the Gutenberg one. Is that the right name for it? Anyway, I am confused. Is the new editor a brand new one or the Gutenberg one? There are posts saying get ahead with it. There were previous ones last year about ‘levelling up’. But I’m not a revolutionary sort of person. I don’t need change every year. Let me use the basic skills I have as a slightly older writer. Don’t force unnecessary change on me. Please.




Does anyone else have a partner that keeps his change in plastic boxes or tea cups? I came in tonight and yet another receptacle was filled with change (and a bit of satsuma skin). The trouble is he doesn’t like spending change so it builds up.

Some people fill large bottles with copper coins. I think they then donate them to charities. I don’t know what to do about this money  except spend it! One of the irritating things about living with people is that we all have our own way of doing things, and sometimes you have to have a bit of give and take.



Sharp and spikey. Holly was a hard nut, she knew she was right every time and would fight anyone to prove it. She had been warned several times by her boss about her attitude, but like so many young business people, she could be very arrogant and snobbish.

Today she’d got into a battle with her elderly father, Joe. He had asked her to help him with his model train set. Really he had wanted a quiet word about her attitude ( She was twenty six and thought she knew all the answers) but she had refused. She told him train sets were for boys. She was going to go out and pamper herself and maybe buy a designer handbag.

Holly still lived at home, her mother cooked and cleaned for her, and her father supported her financially. She didn’t earn enough to buy anything decent in London and could not afford the deposit to rent a flat.

That night she came home late, she’d been to a party which had turned into a squabble, then an argument. She had slapped her best friend and drunk too much wine. She had told her manager, who was at the party, what she thought of her. She would probably be fired when she went into work on Monday morning….

So when she turned the key in the lock of her parents house she was hoping to creep up to bed and get some sleep. What she got instead was her parents standing there. Give me your key, her father said. You can sleep here tonight, but you leave in the morning.

Holly felt shocked and sick. Where shall I go? I don’t know and I don’t care. Your friend rang in tears and told us that you had slapped her! Your behaviour is totally unacceptable and unless you change we don’t want to see you again.

That was the day she changed. That was when she started working for a charity. That was when she learnt compassion. That was the day she grew up.

Autumn sun.


The sun fades,

There is more night than day.


Change of season.

Leaves that were green change,

First pale then golden or red and russet.

Chill air frosts spiders webs.

Rain falls cold and drenching.

Flowers that were bright fade away.

Fruits ripen and fall.

Golden grain is harvested and brought in.

Stored and dried.

Winter is not here yet but gradually

So gradually, time leaps on.

Autumn shades will fade in turn.

Autumn is coming


The season of Autumn is upon us, despite having temperatures of 33.7°C in some parts of the country this week.

Today was cooler, we had rain, the sky had been cloudy all day.

Autumn, changing days

Sun sets early, rises late.

Leaves turn from green to flame.

Ending a summers growth.

Fruit and fungi burgeoning

Apples become sweet, pears ripe.

Leaves lie deep, scrunch and crunch.

Life settles down until winters slumber.