I thought my media was gone!

I just tried to delete some of my images because the memory on my WordPress media is on 99.8%!

For some reason all the photos went blank and the system would not let me delete any of the images, very worrying. What to do? All I could think was switch the phone off and switch it back on again… I held my breath. Yes! It’s working properly again.

I don’t know why it stopped, I had tried to use the free media section and it would not upload an image from there, so perhaps that created a glitch? All I can say is when I tried to look up the artist John Constable on it I got lots of images that were very generic, and non showed a Constable painting! Oh well….

Jetpack installed!

Installing jetpack was OK but sorting my phone storage out first was the problem. I felt like I was launching my phone at the moon, without a rocket to take it. I knew I would need to free up space as currently my phone is 85% full. But what to uninstall? Which apps are crucial to my phone running properly and which could I delete? I randomly chose a few I rarely use. I still need to upgrade my memory but my phone shop didn’t have the right chip in and needs to order them in. So my dilemma (and I was catastrophising I think) was would things work after I did it. Well clearly it did, but jetpack took a while to install, probably due to the amount of data it had to bring over.

Well I’ve done it. I don’t like the look of it. That’s just because I’m used to the old site. I felt sad uninstalling WordPress, it feels like I have cut ties with it. It’s strange how you become invested in something so ephemeral as a computer app. I hope I get used to this. X

Playing with silhouettes

A previous digital drawing of a fence against a colourful background. My Sketch app on my phone has silhouettes of trees and plants that I rarely use. I also added extra texture and overlays in Photodirector. These are a couple of the art apps I have on my phone that I use frequently and don’t want to remove if I have to get the Jetpack app. Am I irritated? Yes. Must stop going on about it. Creativity isn’t important after all is it (sulks)…. Sorry!

Reach out to WordPress?

I keep trying to submit a question about Jetpack to WordPress but the support submission form won’t open. I filled in a question on another page but at the bottom it said this comment box is not for questions and to use the support form. So I tried and it still won’t open. I feel like I’m going round in circles and that people like me are too unimportant to WordPress.

This is what I wrote:

I don’t have enough memory on my android phone to add another app. I’ve asked what to do and someone suggested deleting other apps but I use them daily. Or I get messages that deleting them will affect the performance of my phone. I cannot afford a new phone (I can’t afford to pay for fuel, how can I pay for a phone?) This is stressing me out and I only have five days to try and work out what to do. I feel this is for the convenience of WordPress and Jetpack and not their customers. I’ve been told to ‘reach out’ but don’t have a solution. I will have to spend my pension money on a new memory card if I want to keep using WordPress on my old android phone, I feel so frustrated about this.

Don’t take my Stats!

Why? I pay for WordPress. Not just the blog page, but as far as I’m concerned Stats, Reader and Notifications! I don’t have enough memory on my phone for a new app…. So how will I keep up with what people are writing and doing? Does Jetpack take up much memory? Can I get it to work? First it was blocks. Now it’s this? Do site owners care about their customers? Please let me know if you have information. When I asked before someone told me you would not have to use Jetpack if you didn’t want to. That seems now to be an untruth.

Abstract face

Abstract self portrait. I can’t remember how I got to this point. It’s got to be a couple of years since I created this. I’ve got an idea that I used various filters but which ones? My WordPress Media library has some odd images in it and every so often I have to edit them and delete some of them because my memory on WordPress is 99.8% full. I can’t afford to pay more for my blog page so it’s a case of managing what I have.

Saying that, does anyone know what else I can do? I don’t want to delete blog posts, I don’t have the time or the energy to do it. What I am doing is to delete some of the images as they take up more space on my site. What do people think?

Five years!

Five years? Where did they go? How have I changed and what am I doing differently.

The trouble is remembering everything. It’s half a decade after all. Along the way I’ve made friends here, and also lost a few. Like ghosts they just disappeared from WordPress. People I enjoyed reading most days just stopped, but without resolution or explanation in most cases. Even the ones I found elsewhere then disappeared again off the new platforms.

The trouble is trying to keep things fresh, trying to discuss different ideas. I used to write little short stories sometimes, spooky little tales that had a twist in the tail, but I don’t know if they were any good. I’m still writing short poems some humerous, some more serious. And I try and write about my artistic endeavours, whether that’s about painting or illustration. I hope they are not too boring. It’s been a bad few months and I know I haven’t been as upbeat as I could be. We will see what comes in the future but I hope I can keep going without getting too boring or inconsistent. Thank you for following me! ❤️

Stats crash

Oh dear! What have I done? I haven’t posted much recently, and since the clocks went back I have got less views. Maybe I’m boring people. It’s hard not to be repetitive and I’ve also expressed some political views that might have put people off or annoyed them. But I can’t help being honest about my opinions. I don’t think I’m extreme in any way, just concerned about what is happening in the world with democracy and climate change. Tell me if there is anything I need to do to change? The Internet is an echo chamber, sometimes you only hear what you want to. I don’t think I can change that much?

WordPress keeps stopping?

I don’t know if it’s me or WordPress but the site keeps closing on me. I’ve just deleted a few more photographs from previous posts and taken my memory down to 98.3% full! I’ve always posted my own pictures here and I used to always post large images.. Big mistake. I can’t afford to upgrade my memory. I guess I will have to keep my pictures restricted in size and keep deleting them!