Too many buttons?

What are they all for WordPress? I know you are holding some training sessions. But I don’t have time for them. I don’t need an immersive experience, I want to point and press!

I’m still coming to terms with the loss of the classic editor and all I do now is press enter and start another block. The one thing I do like is more control over image sizes, but how do I set whether an image is right, left or centre of the page…?

I never learnt type setting, I don’t know what to do when I can type columns? I’m interested in getting my thoughts out, not how to place them on a page. Yes it might look scrappy, but I’m not fussed….

Going grey


What are they for?

And going grey

What is the point?

Feeling worn out

Losing my mojo

Growing tired

But I ain’t dead yet

I have knowledge

I see patterns in history.

No not grey

Precious silver

Or platinum.

Not wrinkles

But the map of my life.

Strong like a diamond

Moulded by the pressure

Of living.

Got to try

My manifesto?

So tired I’m writing my Manifesto for my future as an artist and an illustrator. This was a rough draft. I’ve changed a lot of it, but it struck me as being appropriate for the problems with WordPress. I must be forgiving (not sure why though). Is it because I come from a polite society where being effacing is the acceptable norm. I don’t think the British are as polite as some other societies though. You can get a lot of passive aggressive behaviour, backhanded complements, oh I could go on… But will it get lost when I post? And where do I add categories and tags?