When you think you are blogging…

Grr. I blog here and have this page linked to Facebook. Or so I thought. But because I haven’t kept an eye on my Facebook art page I didn’t realise they are not synchronised. I know my posts here are going somewhere. To my normal page I think. I’ve just opened my art page up to the public. It was just for friends, I may limit it again. I don’t know. Having this cold isn’t helping me think very clearly!

Facebook (meta?) has a tenancy to change things without letting you know. I’m not that savvy with these things so if I don’t see a notification about how things have changed I don’t necessarily know about it. Then I get surprised by things like this. Anyway… Sigh…. X

2 thoughts on “When you think you are blogging…

  1. I feel your frustration but WordPress may also be the culprit and it can be down to things like choice of blogging template. In my own case, I use a template called Cubic because the home page is very visual. If I use more than one photograph in a post I have to make the lead image a “featured Image” to make them show in the order I wish on WordPress. Conversely, if I just allow my post to instantly shared on my facebook page it does not recognise my chosen order. And on Twitter, the correct image is shown but much smaller if I allow an instant share.

    So I take the time to just copy the link of my new post and share manually, if only these platforms were as good as the creators think they are! lol
    Best Wishes

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