Too many buttons?

What are they all for WordPress? I know you are holding some training sessions. But I don’t have time for them. I don’t need an immersive experience, I want to point and press!

I’m still coming to terms with the loss of the classic editor and all I do now is press enter and start another block. The one thing I do like is more control over image sizes, but how do I set whether an image is right, left or centre of the page…?

I never learnt type setting, I don’t know what to do when I can type columns? I’m interested in getting my thoughts out, not how to place them on a page. Yes it might look scrappy, but I’m not fussed….

6 thoughts on “Too many buttons?

  1. If you’re using it should be possible for you to use the old, original Classic editor (not the Classic Block Editor nor the new Block editor that WP uses as the default editor). It’s BASICALLY the same user interface as it was 14 years ago, with some changes. I’m still using it. Please let let know if you want me to give you the directions, with screenshots. 🤗👋

    Note: If you’re using with plugins, etc., I don’t know if my directions will work. 🙃

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      1. Oh! Right – I should’ve mentioned that. I’m not using the WP app or their phone one. I’m on an iPad but what I see is VERY similar to what’s there on my desktop computer. It’s very possible you don’t see the same thing, partly bec of the changes WP has made and partly bec of your own site setup. You’re a “.com” so you’re not a free WP site user (or you’d be “”), which MAY mean you have a slightly different setup. Anyway…logging off now for the night. 🤗👋

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      2. ::runs back:: Also, I reposted that for you on a different blog. The original audience was familiar with my terms – by “old original classic” I mean the one that was here when I joined in 2007 (not exactly the same but close enough). 🙃

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