When did life get so complicated?

Just read a fellow bloggers post about the paper trail (or lack of it) to get her vaccum cleaner fixed. It reminded me of recent interactions with the Internet where I have struggled to find out information.

First you have to find the right website, then you have to register, add a password, make sure it’s strong enough, accept cookies…

Then you have to find the right section of the website to fill in. I thought I’d done that, but when I visited the place I was trying to register with they didn’t have my information. Turns out I’d registered to get special offers not service!

Back to the website. I found the right section after ringing the helpline and waiting 40 minutes for an answer. So I had to attach documents. Luckily I have a printer/ scanner. So I created .pdf files.Is everyone following so far?

I sent the documents only to get a message back saying one of them was too old. I found the up to date one (which inconveniently had tea spilt on it) it was still legible.

I had to send it off again, hopefully they have it now.

Then, a friend who has no Internet rang. Could I help? She’d had a letter telling her to go to a council office. But she couldn’t find out where? I checked the Internet and got a phone number, rang it, after twenty minutes I got an answer. Sorry this department doesn’t deal with that… You need another department. (the select number 3 option did not include the right section) She gave me the direct phone number (wow!) but there was only an answer machine so I left a message. THEN I turned the letter over…. The address she needed was on the back…. I could go on, but everyone probably can relate.

Why is this happening? Cost cutting, cheapness and a belief that everyone is computer literate….

No mail…

Three weeks I’ve waited

Waited for my email

Email to be fixed..

Fixed, new phone

Phone number the same

Same…. No email

Email gone, lost

Lost – now connected

Connected, but no email!

For three or four weeks I waited.

The technician was ill

It’ll be fine now

He said this morning…

Now I can send,

But not receive…

Fired up my PC.

3800 emails!



How do you balance work and home life?

Balance, what’s that?

Retired: bored or busy?

Sometimes life sucks

Other times it’s lovely.

Time passes quickly

Flowers grow, and fade

Trees shed leaves

And bud.

Stay up late

Lose the daylight

A twylight time?

Prevaricate and regret…

Loss of what’s left…

I should work more

But my mind is tied

In gossamer threads

Of nothing…

Frustrated by

My lack of

Vision and


To do more…


I just realised my parking pass is due to expire and I’ve only just realised it. In the past out council used to send out a reminder. No more. They have closed the building where you could apply for them in person. Now the choice is either via email, or by post.

The postal service only has a 74% next day delivery rate, and there is no assurance that it will arrive in time.

My email is not working yet. I’m booked to get it done on Monday (long boring story, the repair man has been ill). But not everyone has email addresses. Not everyone with a car is online.

So I rang up for the address to send my information to. It’s a PO box, meaning there is no physical place for me to hand deliver my documents to. If it goes to a PO box, then the council courier service needs to sort the mail and deliver it, meaning there is another time delay added into the mix!

Better get my email sorted out!

Trumpet player

What’s a job you would like to do for just one day?

I would play the trumpet at a gig! I started learning before the pandemic, but of course that intervened. I am also having problems with my health and I haven’t held or played my trumpet for three years now. It’s probably seized up, I know I have!

I’d learnt enough to play scales and a few short tunes. But the trouble now is fear. Fear of failure, of not being able to do it any more. So the trumpet sits in its case in the living room. It’s not a good thing to let go of the start of something, I regret not pursuing the skill.

I admire jazz trumpeters and also players in brass bands. But holding it and positioning my mouth wasn’t easy and I wanted to be better at playing than I was. Perhaps that is the problem. Too much expectation, not enough skill.

To play for one day. To an audience. That would be a thing. Maybe I should start again, ask for someone to teach me?

Maybe…. It would be thrilling!

I’m late!

The white rabbit was at the New Victoria Theatre, artist unknown.

Time, delay, late, always late.

I can’t sleep due to insomnia. So when and if I do sleep I can’t always get up.

So I’m late, it takes me time to get ready, I have the best intentions, but by the time I’m sorted out its sometimes too late to get things done or go somewhere. I do hate it, thank goodness I don’t have early starts at work like I used to.

My car clock broke (I think its mechanical mechanism froze this winter), so I don’t rush to appointments any more, I’m not trying to beat the clock as it isn’t there. I have to try and work the time out by listening to the radio. If the shipping forecast is on I know it’s either very early or late at night!

Five hours!

Photo by Emre Can Acer on Pexels.com

My brain hurts! It’s taken over 5 hours and I’ve got a lot of my apps working on this new phone but I can’t get my emails back. It’s driving me bonkers (mad). I will keep trying, or go back to the phone shop on Monday. Luckily I’ve got it to work on my old PC.

This phone has double the memory of the old one and a better camera, but it cost only 20% of the price of my old one.

Now I need to keep concentrating on things and stop moaning about it!

My phone died!

Every single app has disappeared! I’ve got the mammoth task of uploading everything I use. But I’m not used to this phone. I’m all over the place. I keep closing the screen instead of hitting the space bar. My PC needs syncing to everything on the phone. Goodness knows how I’m doing this. I have the landlines phone here as well. The chap in the shop said he’d sorted my email out, but it’s not linking to the server.

Mind you I feel sorry for him! As he tried to download all my contacts and images the phone superheated and burnt him! I’m very lucky to have anything to transfer! The battery was down to 17% when he got the phone and 1% when he finished!

So if there is a hiatus in my posts, please forgive me. X

On repeat

He can’t hear

I repeat

Sorry, what?

I repeat..

Cars on fire?!

No dress for hire

I repeat.

I repeat

Come for a walk?

We need to talk

I repeat

Understand me

I seek

But all the time

It’s like I’m a mime

On repeat

Hearing loss

Is loss for both

Speaker and listner

I repeat

‘I love you’.

And repeat….

Facebook WTH!

What the heck is happening. Facebook keeps changing without any explanation or reasoning. Like the road you are driving on being moved to a different destination underneath you, and with no road signs to explain where you are going or why!

For instance, the menu at the top of the page has changed. The icon for groups has gone and instead there is marketplace. I have never and will never buy anything through that. However I am in lots of groups. I want to see the cloud appreciation society Facebook page or art groups I’m in… I’m having a moan here because I can’t actually see where to complain on my Facebook page!