Ugh! I got up really early to move the car. My parking pass has run out, so I can’t park in front of my house between 8am and 9pm so I’ve had to find a spot in another street.

The good news is that I have applied for the pass. I had to use the Internet as the council does not have an office open to the public anymore. Everything is via their website. What about people who are not computer literate, or don’t do online banking? Poor people are gradually being disenfranchised. They could use a library. But lots of them have been closed due to budget cuts.

So I have done the forms online and got a receipt to prove I’ve paid. But I still have to wait for the pass to be posted to me. The bad news is that post isn’t delivered as frequently as it used to be. At one time post was delivered on the next day all around the country. That includes most of Scotland, Wales and the far south west. Now, however, the royal mail is concentrating on parcel deliveries. It’s letter service is a lot less important (all those emails…) and to add insult to injury the price of a first class stamp is now £1.10 (at least depending on its size). I can remember when you could buy a stamp for 20 pence.

Worse still, the email says that due to high demand, it may take ten days for the pass to be posted out! That will be ten Working days, two weeks.

So at least I will be getting up early for a while. Although I can have a lie in on Sundays and bank holidays!


I just realised my parking pass is due to expire and I’ve only just realised it. In the past out council used to send out a reminder. No more. They have closed the building where you could apply for them in person. Now the choice is either via email, or by post.

The postal service only has a 74% next day delivery rate, and there is no assurance that it will arrive in time.

My email is not working yet. I’m booked to get it done on Monday (long boring story, the repair man has been ill). But not everyone has email addresses. Not everyone with a car is online.

So I rang up for the address to send my information to. It’s a PO box, meaning there is no physical place for me to hand deliver my documents to. If it goes to a PO box, then the council courier service needs to sort the mail and deliver it, meaning there is another time delay added into the mix!

Better get my email sorted out!

Dover today

If you are going to Kent or Dover at the moment? Don’t! Lorries and trucks are stuck there because a new variant of Covid19 have been found in the South East of the country. Because of this the border with many countries have been closed. Trucks are not able to get home and so there are queues of them on the M20 and they are being parked up on old airport in Kent. They are parked I but with poor facilities, not many toilets and no food or water!

The worry is that even when the border is reopened there will be further problems as Brexitis about to happen at the end of this month. That means there may me further pfoblems and delays. I do wonder about the mentality of the English and often despair!

Parking rage!


It happened again, people parking in front of our house, not leaving a space for me to park. It’s residents parking only, for people who live here. But that doesn’t stop others parking there.

So what? They pay road tax don’t they? But sometimes the vehicle will stay there for days. .. and I have shopping to carry home, sometimes very heavy. Or I have to park halfway up the hill and take someone else’s space. This weekend was really bad. I had been out to a couple of events and I was really tired. I struggled to find a space to park and really wanted to block the cars in that are not from the street, or even,  (and I never would ), scratch their paintwork.

I know its wrong, but its parking rage because my space has been invaded. I need to calm down. But it does wind me up!