When the wind blows the sky changes. Heat is coming and clouds may be fleeing this weekend. Warnings of temperatures above 30`C are expected. High UV is predicted.

The British don’t really do ‘heat’, we go abroad for it, but we are more used to summers of wet weather, music festivals in mud, Wimbledon or cricket rained off. A summer can last a day as far as we are concerned. We even have Saint Swithens day. A day in July? If it rains on that day we can expect continuous rain for the next forty days and nights… And sometimes that seems to come true! One year I joked with friends that we should build an ark on high ground it rained so much….. Sunshine, nice for a day or two, but Britain appear to appreciate clouds. X

Storm Arwen

Not here… In Scotland

When you see a bad weather report like this you think it might effect your home. In this case its to the north of us up in Scotland and The North East of England. Still the wind is roaring past the house and rattling our wheelie bins. But that’s about it. We don’t appear to be getting flooding at the moment, but there may be on the North Sea coast.

We did have our power supply flickering a few times. But up north thousands of peoples homes have lost power. Trains are stranded. Its all relative I guess.

Autumn is going.

Most of the leaves have fallen. Now we are at the start of winter there is a bit more to see. The Holly Bush is getting in the way though. The bright sunshine and blue sky have gone. Today there is persistent rain gushing down from the sky with threats of snow. As far as I’m concerned I would sleep through winter and wake up in the spring if it stays as bad as this!