Ugh! I got up really early to move the car. My parking pass has run out, so I can’t park in front of my house between 8am and 9pm so I’ve had to find a spot in another street.

The good news is that I have applied for the pass. I had to use the Internet as the council does not have an office open to the public anymore. Everything is via their website. What about people who are not computer literate, or don’t do online banking? Poor people are gradually being disenfranchised. They could use a library. But lots of them have been closed due to budget cuts.

So I have done the forms online and got a receipt to prove I’ve paid. But I still have to wait for the pass to be posted to me. The bad news is that post isn’t delivered as frequently as it used to be. At one time post was delivered on the next day all around the country. That includes most of Scotland, Wales and the far south west. Now, however, the royal mail is concentrating on parcel deliveries. It’s letter service is a lot less important (all those emails…) and to add insult to injury the price of a first class stamp is now £1.10 (at least depending on its size). I can remember when you could buy a stamp for 20 pence.

Worse still, the email says that due to high demand, it may take ten days for the pass to be posted out! That will be ten Working days, two weeks.

So at least I will be getting up early for a while. Although I can have a lie in on Sundays and bank holidays!

Password protected?

A friend has just posted here and the notes with it say the post is password protected. It says go directly to the post.. But when you click on the post it says ‘you are not authorised to view this post’

So how do I view it. I tried to link to his site but it wouldn’t work. Should I post to another of his posts to tell him? I hope he (I’m assuming it’s a he?) sees this and either changes it or posts how to open it?

Lots of questions. I sometimes see posts that you can read but that you cannot ‘like’ I suppose that is fair enough, except its like ghosting yourself? They won’t know if you would like to appreciate their writing.

So anyway, sorry to witter on, you know what it’s like, you just have to ask sometimes!

Your anti virus has run out…

Another scam. If you send me an email with a link about a package, or my anti virus content don’t expect me to open it! I know which anti virus I use, so if you use a different company name I’m not randomly going to think ‘oh I might have a surprise package’ or ‘that looks like an interesting link’. If I do get called I won’t be going out and buying gift cards. I also have no interest in ordering things online, so the package I missed isn’t mine…if someone says they have accidentally put £500 in my account I will say thank you so much and hang up (it’s a scam, it’s not real).

Seriously, be careful, don’t let the scammers mess you about. If it sounds too good to be true it is.

Christmas cards?

To send or not? If it were not 2020 I might have sent a lot of my cards via email, or drawn things to add to Facebook or Instagram. But because I can’t visit I’ve decided to send cards. I hope it’s safe. I think they should be OK and I hope they won’t spread germs? But it does make me think and wonder. I am washing my hands after I’ve opened the mail, (and washing any shopping that comes into the house). Life is strange. I wonder what the consensus is about this. Would you post online or in the mail?

Yesterday’s prompt, post.

This is the drawing I did today for yesterdays band-of-sketchers prompt, post.

Was thinking of drawing a pile of paperwork and envelopes but decided to draw today’s post. I put it back into the letterbox so I could make it look more interesting. I’m glad I got a gold pen to draw the door furnishings.

Tomorrow is October and there will be more prompts to draw.


My box, hooman

This box?
Not too small at all….

When a small train arrived this morning for my hubby he took it out of its packaging in a flash. Discarding the box it came in. Boy cat pounced on it and tried to get in!

Much amusement and a few photos later! Here he is, the cat on the mat in the box. Box squashed flat! My hubby is pleased with the trains and the cat with the box. Win-win!

I apologise for using the term ‘hooman’ I see it when people post about cats. I guess it’s a fashion thing. Do you think it’s a bit too cutesie?

Might be worth reading Cat watching by Desmond Morris.


We contacted our local bike shop because my hubby wants to send his old bike frame to his brother so that it can be tidied up and restored a bit. If we were not nervous about going to visit hir brother, and they were not under a local lockdown, we would have taken it in the car. But no, we can’t travel there as we would not be allowed back!

So this is a HUGE box to put the frame in. It’s about six foot by four? It’s sitting in the living room because it’s too wet to pack it up at the moment. No doubt the cats will try and get in… Sending cats to Lancashire? Not likely!

Something in the post…



My friend decided to order this for us on line. Carribean chocolate rum cake. It arrived today, a small cardboard box with a yellow hexagonal box wrapped in bubble wrap inside. When I took it out of the box there was a dark round cake inside, it had a small hole in the middle. It was like a sponge cake. The box said you could microwave it, so I made some custard and warmed it through. Very tasty. And where did it come from. Not Tortuga, but Hampshire. Yummy.


Swinging sanity book has arrived


My friends poetry collection has arrived via Amazon. I’d been told not to expect it yet, but I got it this afternoon.. . Its by N. F. Mirza. A woman I met through WordPress. Her account here is #or @ stoneronarollercoaster. (I don’t know how it works).

She supports and encourages people and is a very interesting person. Quote “a quintessential weirdo, who was supposed to be crunching numbers but these days crunches words, colours and charcoal instead.”

ISBN 9798618202992

Printed in Poland by Amazon Fulfillment.