Password protected?

A friend has just posted here and the notes with it say the post is password protected. It says go directly to the post.. But when you click on the post it says ‘you are not authorised to view this post’

So how do I view it. I tried to link to his site but it wouldn’t work. Should I post to another of his posts to tell him? I hope he (I’m assuming it’s a he?) sees this and either changes it or posts how to open it?

Lots of questions. I sometimes see posts that you can read but that you cannot ‘like’ I suppose that is fair enough, except its like ghosting yourself? They won’t know if you would like to appreciate their writing.

So anyway, sorry to witter on, you know what it’s like, you just have to ask sometimes!

10 thoughts on “Password protected?

      1. Time will tell. I once made a post password protected (for good reason) and one of the people who used to read my blog got really pissed off at me, like I had no right to do what I wanted with my own posts. I think I blocked her soon after, one of 5 people I’ve blocked in all this time. I figure if a person wants to build a little wall around a post, that’s a person’s right.

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