Flytipping update?

Our alleyway is blocked off by this pile of rubbish that a builder has moved off his land. I have reported it to my council a few times over the last few weeks. I haven’t chased it up as much as I could because of my sisters death. I hope it will be moved soon as it is preventing my neighbours access to the back of their properties. I think it’s disgusting that someone can just tip this and not face some form of action. Apparently the flats he has been working on are due to be shown on a TV housing auction show! Perhaps if he is paid an appearance fee he can use it to pay to clear up his mess!

Dumped waste

Excerpt from an email to my local councillor about flytipping on our alleyway :

 “Dear Councillor

Over the last few weeks the owners of xxxxx and the owner of xxxxxx London Road have dumped all this waste on our alleyway that includes access to the rear of our property at xxxx and also number x and x effectively blocking access for all three properties. The waste was originally moved from behind the xxxxx shop, they removed some of it but dumped the rest behind the flats. The owner of the flats or his workers dumped it on our alleyway. It is four or five feet high and at least twenty foot long. I have spoken to various people at the flats who promised it would be removed a fortnight ago. Instead the heap is getting bigger.

The owner said he was told to dump it on the alleyway and the council would remove it, he says he has chased it up with an officer called xxxxxx who assured him it would be removed by last Friday. I gave him my email address but don’t know if he will do as he says.

Will you please visit to see the problem. I am concerned that we will be left in a situation where we have to remove it which I cannot afford. It was rubbish on the left of the path including fly tipping and buddlea that had grown there over several years.”

I went on to add some personal details explaining why I cannot deal with this without my councillors support.

Yours sincerely

Callous Culture Cuts for Stoke Museums Undermines Future Chances of Tourism In The City

Permanent Five Month Closure for Gladstone and 13 Jobs Lost In Museum Shakeup

Callous Culture Cuts for Stoke Museums Undermines Future Chances of Tourism In The City

I saw this on WordPress Reader and had to share. The council claim its only a minimal cut (of around £600,00!). Its important that our industrial heritage is saved, otherwise Stoke on Trent would lose its raison d’etre.

A different sort of mask

Mystery Play mask. From 2018 or 2019. An outside play we did in the summer. One day only. About the history of the potteries. Set in a pottery museum that comes to life.

Why this? Because our local council want to cut jobs for curators and close the Gladstone Museum in Longton, Stoke-on- Trent, for five months a year and reduce the opening times for the Potteries Museum and Art gallery in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. Why aren’t we promoting tourism, getting people to visit? The council say their £600,000 will only have a minimal effect!

Fly tipping

A friends photo

It’s happening here in my home city all the time. I report it but the council probably don’t have the staff to deal with it anymore because of the cuts (austerity cuts in local government by our National government). A few years ago the council used to have days when people could have their bulky rubbish collected, but now people have to pay to take stuff to the tip and they don’t have the money. They should be encouraged not charged to use the tip. Also I guess covid isn’t helping…

The world is full of rubbish, plastic, toxic waste, pollution, CO2, fluorocarbon, the list seems endless. What we leave in our neighbourhoods is just a small part of the wreck we are making of the Earth.



Just wrote to my MP because this happened today….

Dear………. MP

I just had a man knock on the door, he’d spoken to my husband last week, he had nothing, we gave him a bit of money and some bread and cheese. I asked him if he had spoken to the council homeless team. He said they just come out with a flask with a lukewarm drink and a few protein bars. He can’t easily eat them as he has no teeth. He used to run a business but had to sell it. He’s living in a tent by the river. (all this was discussed at a distance well over six foot).

Is there anything that can be done for him. All I know is his name is ……. and he is in his fifties by the look of it.

Yours Sincerely


What is going on. How have we come to this. I think he would have knocked on the door even without what is going on now. People should not be in this situation.

Stay safe and sheltered.



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Street trees


I have just written to my local Councillor about a stand of about eight trees that have been cut down as you approach our City centre.

I wrote:

Dear Councillor__________
I was concerned today as I was driving into _____from _____, that a whole stand of mature trees has been cut down on the corner of the ________opposite the new hotel and ____field site (on a patch of land next to the traffic lights). I have always liked those trees and am shocked that the council has removed them. There seem to be more and more of these acts of environmental vandalism. In a time when we should be planting more to mitigate the effects of climate crisis why are you implementing this? I’m sure they were not all diseased. Please consider replacing any trees on a two for one basis. Street trees are recognised as a way of cleaning urban pollution. It has recently been reported that thousands of people die every year from pollution. And as the most congested city in the world last month it should be important to your administration to mitigate these problems.
Yours Sincerely