What a day! I’m tired out but still got things to do. I wanted to write something here tonight but have not had time. My eyes are sore from the eyedrops this morning and my eyelids are drooping. Twice my phone has slid out of my hands onto the floor.

I was planning to do a drawing of the Chinese new year, but it hasn’t happened. I’m listening to some Gershwin on the TV. Can’t remember what it’s called. Thinking about getting a decaff coffee or a gin and tonic. Not sure which.

It’s midnight and I need sleep but I have visitors in the morning and the housework has not been done because I’ve been so busy. Some of its just straightening chair covers or tidying away papers. No problem really, just a lot of little things.

Anyway now I’ve had a rest I’d better get on……


I’ve added a cleaning service on my phone. But it seems to have done slightly too much of a deep clean on it, or at least that’s my guess as a non technical person.

My WordPress account is shooting straight across to Facebook again. I will have to try and get help sorting it out. It is annoying, it makes me feel like chaos is taking over….

So apologies if my posts are a bit confused.



If you look closely this is my drawing of the Mandlebrot set..not a photo.FB_IMG_1524272149873

I do love Chaos theory, when I first heard of it I bought a book called Chaos and read about Mandlebrot who came up with the theory.

That was around 30 years ago, so I don’t remember much about it. But I love the idea that coasts can be fractal, and so can clouds. When you zoom in on a real Mandlebrot pattern you always see this distinct pattern no matter how deep into it you go.

The colours change, curves and swirls and spirals appear, but that pattern keeps coming back.

My drawing is not perfect, but at least it gives an idea of the pattern….like a little Buddha on its side… sparking with electricity.

Other fractal patterns include squares within squares, and triangles within triangles.

Go and look at websites with them on….you will be fascinated hopefully.