What is a constitution and can it be changed?

I’m not going to mention current politics in America, as I’m not an American I don’t have enough knowledge of how it works. But I am going to question whether something has to stay the same in perpituity (forever).

There are some commandments in the bible that are no longer followed, for instance two thousand years ago people were told not to eat shellfish. This was probably sensible then, but as time has gone by and hygiene has improved, this command is no longer relevant.

When some constitutions were written many things were not possible, or not invented – space flight, open heart surgery, flight, trains, etc. So if you follow a constitution set in stone you might not be allowed to use some of these things. Flight being only allowed for birds and bat’s for example.

But if a law is wrong, why not change it? Why not modernise? Why then go back to old fashioned ideas? If you go back where do you stop? Do you take away the vote for everyone but the rich? Do you stop women going out to work? Bring back slavery? There are places in the world where a woman may not drive a car unless accompanied by a man.

Then when you do have rules they get broken, sometimes for good reasons, sometimes for bad. Humans are not perfect. They can make bad decisions, act illegally, cause trouble.

So what can we do? Try and act fairly, act with consideration for others, be polite, try not to overreact to others, but have an opinion, and try to care. That’s all I can come up with.


I was just stopped in the street by a woman who said ‘you know there’s no one around?’ I looked about me and said ‘yes I can see that’. Then she said ‘so you don’t need a mask’ I looked at her. Why tell me this when I had just forgotten to take it off, but why did it matter to her? Then she said ‘it might make it difficult for you to breathe with carbon Dioxide building up behind it.’

Oh I really wanted to say something, like ‘oh dear, so many people collapsing after wearing a mask for more than five minutes!’ or ‘ they are permiable to air, they just stop viruses’. But I bit my lip under my mask and said ‘no I’m OK. I’m used to wearing a mask at night, I have sleep aponea’. ‘Oh that OK then’ she said. I said ‘goodnight’ and walked off. But then called back ‘I’m still cautious about covid’. Perhaps people belive it’s over? But it’s my choice to wear a mask.



What will history make of 2020 and the Covid 19 virus? It is clearly momentous, but what will be the outcome.

Will we return to our profligate ways as if nothing had happened, and slip back into old routines after a hiatus of several months, or is this a game changer where we will all be poorer and have to be more self sufficient.

Maybe the survivalists that have been prepping over the last several years have it right. Or the environmentalists who have urged us to stop global warming will see a glimmer of light from this current situation.

However you look at it there will have to be questions asked about the leadership of the world. That doesn’t mean that people have necessarily done wrong. Just that the chaos of the virus has too many ramifications to take in. It’s too great a problem to allow us to get all the right answers. That said there are some strange leadership decisions out there. Maybe some leaders should engage their brains before they open their mouths….

Interacting online


I’m feeling a bit down at the moment. A person I have spoken to on line has become annoyed by some of my posts. I understand why, because my thoughts are in opposition to hers, and I have probably pushed my opinion too much.

The problem is when you write something on line you have to be so careful, if you have a face to face conversation, or even a phone chat, you can hear the nuances in their voice or see the expression on their face, clearly you can’t do that in an online discussion.

What to do? I’ve apologised and said I won’t comment again. I feel it’s a shame because you should be able to have an open discussion about opinions. But nowadays things seem to escalate to arguments. When did life become so difficult? I think the problem is the Internet encourages differences of opinion, “us and them”.

I wish I had never said anything, but I don’t feel I should just agree with everything if I can see another side to the argument.

Sadly in this case I think my only option is to keep quiet and not say anything again. Plus profuse apologies.