Yes I vote

Do you vote in political elections?

I feel lucky as a woman, to have the right to vote. It was only 100 years ago that the suffragettes fought and won votes for women in Great Britain. I voted when I was 18 or 19 and have done ever since. I followed my family vote when I was young, but going to college and seeing the real world changed my opinion on who to vote for.

I wish all women had the right to vote. In some countries they are still not allowed to, effectively disenfranchising half the population. Why shouldn’t women have a say? After all the rules and laws governments make effects 100% of a population. I think the patriarchy in many countries means that women and girls only get basic education and have little chance of bettering themselves. They should have the choice to change their governments.

So if you don’t vote how can you change things? And if enough people get together, they can make a difference. Not voting or saying anything just means your opinions can be ignored or denied. One vote might make all the difference….. X

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