I don’t have any pictures of the Coronation of King Charles III today as they will all be copyrighted.

I didn’t watch it except for the royal carriage taking King Charles and Queen Camilla back to the palace after the service in Westminster Abbey. The British do create a marvellous spectacle, ceremony or pageant. Not everyone is a royalist in the UK. But we still call ourselves the United Kingdom.

I was amazed at how many people slept out in chairs just to have a place there. And the weather was typically British for the occasion (raining).

How do you sum up something that happens so irregularly. The Queens Coronation was 70 years ago and who knows when Prince William will be king? but he is next in line in the succession to the throne. This is despite King Charles having a sister and brothers. The rules of who gets the crown are laid down in history.

This Coronation will go down in history too…

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