My life is quite chaotic at the moment. Lots of things to do, plenty of time, but lack of inclination to do things. Procrastinating is my favourite pastime!

Everything is tangled up. I’m trying to organise and assess things, but failing. Thinking and worrying is not helping. I think I need to meditate or do some relaxation. It’s not that I don’t want to do things, but I think I’ve had my head in the sand for so many months, I don’t know how to drag it back out. I know this is self reflection, and I hope its a good thing. Writing it down might give me a push.

Grief has not helped. And now other people I know have died and that has knocked me back. I don’t want to think of the end of things. But I guess we should all make some plans? Sorry this is a bit random, maybe talking will help though.

Easter bunny

A foil wrapped chocolate Easter bunny that we had for our yoga class chocolate meditation. You unwrap the chocolate, smell it, look at it and notice it’s shape and texture, then put the chocolate in your mouth without chewing it. Finally you chew it and notice how the texture changes. The process of slowly looking at, and tasting it gives you time to understand how lovely the chocolate was, and without just eating in a greedy or hungry way. You are exploring your senses. We also did yoga postures and breathing. It was a simple relaxing evening class.