Bad stench…

Just back from a garden centre in Silverdale, as a treat after yesterday. Unfortunately it is right next to Whalleys Quarry. The stench was vile! We almost turned round and came home. Even I, who lost my sense of smell in an accident, could taste it in the back of my mouth! Disgusting, how people can live with it I don’t know!

Even the lovely smell of the flowers was extinguished by the smell. As we drove away from the garden centre we drove past the main entrance. Hubby opened the window to clear the smell, a bad mistake! Even two miles away there was still a ‘flavour’ in the air. Vile! I feel so sorry for the garden centre staff.


Sitting on our windowledge in the kitchen, the hyacinths look lovely. I have no sense of smell but I can admire their beauty. Yet again I decided to create some symmetrical patterns. I like the intricacies of images like this. They create a surreal impact which makes you look again. As usual my pareidolia (is this the spelling) kicked in and I started to see faces in both images. The mind truly does play tricks on you.