When the cat stops you typing


Two seconds before she had her head on the mouse! Of course as I picked the phone up to take her photo, she had to watch what I was doing.

She managed to type. 00ppppppppppppppp and /mmmmmmmmmmmm before I got to the backspace button. At least she didn’t press send! She was stopping me from finishing off a redraft of some notes about reflexivity (don’t ask). I’d realised that I’d miss read the question and needed to add more information about the text I had read.

I was reading a book by Anthony Giddens and trying to understand it but it’s hard going. Now I’ve had a rest I can’t remember what it’s called!


Drawing flowers for a border.

sketch-1588435527385 I just drew these flowers, then tried to position them as borders for the edge of a page. The thing wasn’t working so I added blank pages to make it more of a border. I’d taken a photo of the drawing so there was shadow on the paper. I made a bit of a mess trying to use an airbrush tool on it, so there are some areas which are a bit to shady round the flowers. Then I decided to see how I could use it for a poem, so I wrote it line by line. Positioning each line in turn.

It’s not brilliant, but it’s not something I’ve done before.


When you can’t get a birthday card or a cake for a friend…

I wanted to send a friend a card… sketch-1588070609298

I found a tin with a slight dent in the rim so I could push a candle holder into it. Then I added a tiny birthday cake candle and lit it and took the photo.

Added the text later in a sketch app.

I sent this to my friend with her name edited onto it. What is it they say ‘necessity is the mother of invention ‘?

Using picsart app


It’s been a few months since I used my old tablet, so when I installed the picsart app in my new one I wasn’t sure how it would work. I think I’m getting the hang of it although there seem to be lots more options than before. I’m still finding my way round it but I liked being able to put this photo in a frame. To write text and place and resize it easily, added a heart sticker. I also drew the whiskers in a bit more although it was hard to know which pen icon to use and how to change the pen thickness and opacity. But as I already partly knew the app I was soon using it again. I would advise playing with the app, using different tools and filters until you are more confident with it. Remember – you don’t have to save your work if you don’t like it.