Seen at Spode in a new friends studio. I love it, I used to have an old one which was from an office and was coloured grey. This looks antique. When keyboards and computers came out typewriters became defunct, but there is something charming and evocative about this. A bygone day. Even seeing it makes me think of flowery language. Spindley letters. Gothic script. I’m going over the top now. A great tranklement! ❤️

Tea set

Bone China tea set my friend is getting rid of. I’m going to try and find someone who wants it. I think another friend will have it.

Bone China was manufactured by potters who wanted to find a substitute for porcelain that came from China. It took several years to find a formula that produced thin, strong, translucent pots. It contained clay from the China clay quarries in Cornwall, calcined bone and flint (heated and ground to break them down into a fine powder). The bone gives off phosphorus which adds to the strength of the bone china. You end up with a material half way between pottery and glass. This fine white china was then beautifully decorated with hand painted flowers, fruit and landscapes.

I’m sure there is far more to say on this subject. But that’s enough for now.