One of the many slides I found last year of my art in the 1980s. I like playing with perspective and I used to do many more portraits than I get to do these days. Maybe selfies have taken over. But wouldn’t you want a special portrait with things that are significant to you included in it? I’m also good at amalgamating photos, so if there are three people each on a different photo who want to be together in an image I can do it – and I don’t need photo shop!

Get in touch, commissions welcomed.

Old slides

I just found some old slides from when I was at college. I have not got a light box so I have had to try and hold them up to the light while photographing them with my tablet.

My question to any photographers out there is can you get slides turned into old style photographs or get them digitally stored? I included the surrounding borders of the slides because they add to my memories of the time.

There are some more but I will try and post them later perhaps.