Cats on boxes

A comfy sofa, a place to curl up and sleep.. But my cat loves boxes. Open or closed. If it’s made of cardboard he will lie on it or sleep in it! Forget cat beds, I’ve got three or four, but apart from one very enclosed covered over one he would rather sleep on a box.

I’m expecting a bit of rivalry though, the space next to this box has a towel on it that my other boy cat has been sleeping on. When he comes in I will see what happens.


#bandofsketchers prompt today is box.. I drew a couple of boxes. The slatted one at the back is one I keep art equipment in, the other one with the Christmas decorations on top contained the Teddy bear and other presents from my sister. I didn’t realise it had this nice lid until I took the things out of the box. Metallic felt pens and black ink fine line pen.

Ooo! Chocolates

They arrived today, from Leek, in the Staffordshire moorlands, in a big box. Bang, bang, bang on the front door this morning. I dashed downstairs and opened the door. The postman handed me a box marked fragile. What could it be? The writing on the address was very similar to that of a friend, so I assumed it was something from him. But no, there were six Chocolate boxes that I’d ordered for Christmas presents. They are handmade and in beautiful boxes tied up with ribbons. They will now be posted on to family. I might save a small box for us. X

Cat in a box

I have a cat that loves boxes. Currently he’s sleeping in two that I’ve put together and put on top of the oven because it’s warm there. He looks so happy and cute. He can’t resist curling up inside.

Can you see he’s smiling? I think that cars eyes show you emotion. As he is happy his eyes are slightly closed. If I slowly close my eyes when I look at him he does the same thing. Staring at cats is not good, they tend to feel it is aggression. But once you know them they don’t mind as much.

Stare at a cat and it will probably walk away, but if you look somewhere else, away from it, then it might even jump up on your lap. That’s why they pay more attention to eople who don’t like them, they are looking away and the cat sees it as non aggressive, passive, behaviour.