In my friends garden

I took these photos in a friend’s garden 6 years ago (they came up on my Facebook feed) I am a nut about colour and some of these just zing!

I think I used a little digital camera with no added features to take these. I was just amazed how the reds and oranges stood out in the green.

I wish I could time travel back to those simpler times. But time flies, tempus fugit, and before you know it you are 6 years older and perhaps not wiser!

But in the meantime I’m going to enjoy browsing through these again…

Cheers x



A name just came spiralling out if nowhere into my head…Archibald Cotton…

I dont think I have ever met anyone by that name, but it sounds friendly. I imagine him as a Victorian pottery worker. Stuck in a hot bottle kiln, walking up and down ladders with boards balanced on his head. The boards would have saggars filled with pots on them. Men would carry  heavy boards up into the kiln to load it. The saggers were pottery boxes that had  ware (pottery) put into them, to protect the pottery from the intense heat and smoke from the firing.

I imagine Archibald working as a child or older youth as a sagger makers bottom knocker. If I remember rightly they put the bottoms on the saggars, one of the lowest paid jobs in the pottery industry.

Archibald would have progressed to one of the other jobs in the potbank as he got older. Maybe a fettler, a sponger, lithographer, warehouse man. Maybe he left the potteries and became a miner, or worked on the railways or in the shelton steel works

When I remember the Stoke-on-Trent I came to live in a few decades ago, I think of the old empty pot banks, warehouses, derelict buildings. An industrial archeologists dream. Archibald might have done archaeology…a fitting name for that profession. He might have investigated the ruins of the 13 th century Hulton Abbey, in Abbey Hulton.

Perhaps this name conjured from my imagination really existed. I wonder if I would have liked to have met him?


I should be painting….


I’ve got another chance of selling paintings this weekend at Etruria Industrial museum  …the flint mill on the canal at Etruria in Stoke on Trent. But after the last two goes I have slightly lost the plot (see “Glum”).

I have a day or two to do a few paintings, small ones.  I’m thinking of doing some canal bridges…..

Does anyone else get this? Is it just me. I’m not a painting machine, and I think it’s the difference between doing art and craft. I’m beginning to realise crafters do wonderful art, but they can work around the same pattern or object over and over again. I’m terrible for getting bored. Jack if all trades master if none perhaps?

If I believed in astrology I might put it down to being typically “flighty” and having a “butterfly” mind. I just think its crammed with ideas, but sometimes they get stuck inside my head….they can’t get out!

I need to unblock my thoughts ….. let things escape. .. I think that means getting to bed earlier and having a good sleep instead of staying up late watching tv and feeling down. I also need to do activities. When I feel like this I feel like hiding away at home and not going out!

We did have a very busy weekend thats my excuse….