Busy time


Part of an illustration I’m working on for my college course. I have to fit four A6images I create into an A3 sheet. Having to work on dots per inch sizes, screen resolution… Relearning photoshop that I’d forgotten. Its getting there slowly.

There are other programmes I might investigate, like something called procreate… Hmm. Too many bells and whistles perhaps?


Drawing challenges


In October there are a few challenges to get you drawing. The first is Inktober. You can find various challenges based on this theme on the Internet. Each one is based on doing a drawing a day for the month of October. People use a hash tag, #Inktober2019 is this years I think. There are suggestion on what to draw, for instance halloween themes or autumn. These can also be found on line.

The second challenge is the one I may be doing. This is the one inch drawing challenge. You draw thirty one, one inch squares and do a tiny drawing a day. My only problem? I don’t know if I’ve got a ruler to draw the boxes!