31 days later…


My 31, one inch drawing challenge sketches. I’ve done them with Stoke Urban Sketchers. I have really enjoyed it. I’d be up for a November challenge. Its like keeping a diary, I didn’t realise how much I’d do in a month. I’m not posting the final drawing on the challenge page until tomorrow, but I thought I’d include it here.


Pear tree leaves


Yellow leaves are hanging on the pear tree. They haven’t fallen yet, the light is shining through them. Sits been sunny for the first time in days. Everything is sodden from the rain. Our stray cat is wandering around pouncing on fallen leaves. 

This is my 27th drawing for the one inch drawing challenge for October. I’ve added colour for the first time with some Faber-Castell pencils. It’s only a touch because I was trying for a black and white theme until my black pen ran out of ink. Now I’ve moved over to biro.

Home is Where the Art is revisited.


I’ve has a busy day! I took eight paintings up to the Brampton museum and art gallery for their annual Christmas show, which is an exhibition by a group of local artists to se their art through December. I still have two paintings in there for the Orme Art group show. Then I popped over to the Waiting room gallery to see their ‘Home is where the Art is – revisited’ this is another group show on for a couple of weeks. I have two paintings in it.

I’ve never had so much work exhibited in so many places at once!

New tablet


This isn’t the tablet but a drawing of the screen. I installed lots of software today. What a mess! I have different passwords for each app. It confused me! Had to reset some. I wanted to do lots of stuff today but I’ve spent four hours just learning how to use it.

Anyway the photo is for day 21 of the 1″ inch challenge for October.


Singing workshop


Quick sketch of people singing at a workshop today up at Penkhull village hall.

We sand lots of autumn songs, including old English songs and a poem set to music by the poet Lemn Sissay and musician Anni Tracey. We also sang a French song written in 1945 and translated into English called Autumn Leaves. It was by Joseph Kosma and Johnny Mercer with arrangement by Greg Stephens.

We got on really we and had a lovely time. The teachers Kate and Penny were very patient and helpful. I enjoyed it


1.10.19 one inch drawing challenge.

1st drawing on 1st October 2019, the giant straw bee at Snugburys, Nantwich. The challenge is to fit the image into a one inch square. To be completed over the thirty one days of October.

I did it from a photo on my phone because it was ouring down with rain. If the weather is better I will try and draw en plein air.


Drawing challenges


In October there are a few challenges to get you drawing. The first is Inktober. You can find various challenges based on this theme on the Internet. Each one is based on doing a drawing a day for the month of October. People use a hash tag, #Inktober2019 is this years I think. There are suggestion on what to draw, for instance halloween themes or autumn. These can also be found on line.

The second challenge is the one I may be doing. This is the one inch drawing challenge. You draw thirty one, one inch squares and do a tiny drawing a day. My only problem? I don’t know if I’ve got a ruler to draw the boxes!


October challenge


I’m still doing the drawing a day challenge with our group Stoke urban sketchers. Today I drew the corner of a £10 note, basically I need to do simple drawings every day the  Challenge runs. I’m mostly trying  to draw sketches of local places together with people when they appear on them.

One inch square is not easy. You need a fine nibbled pen. Careful observation, and care in drawing. I don’t know how easy drawing in a 1 inch Square is for people  but I’m definitely struggling.