Jug photo


I was visiting the Waiting room gallery today to take in my two new paintings. I saw this jug (is it sprig molded?)

It looked classical, it might end up being a pottery painting. The dark green really brings out the colour of the jug, while the shadows help give it a three dimensionality. The shelf it is on is white painted wood which gives it a nice texture. It’s owned by my friend Alison. I think she said it might be a Portmeirion piece although there is no backstamp or other marks on its base.

Taken in natural light from the gallery window on my mobile phone.

Today was fun

Long day again, but it was good to see new people, a lot of the purchases of my tiny paintings were children asking their parents to buy them pictures of angels and snowmen that I’d done.

There were printing, stamp designs for Christmas paper, and Christmas ornament making workshops at the waiting room gallery. Everyone seemed to have fun.

There was also Walnut cake, Lemon drizzle cake and scones to delight the customers.

Yes, all in all, a good weekend.


Forgot my phone


What a long day, and when I got to the Waiting room gallery for the craft fair today, I realised I’d left my phone at home.

Not good when you like to blog. There were beautiful frosty images of hoar frost on leaves, I could not photograph. Lots of ornaments and cards made by people visiting the free print and crafting workshops. These were very successful and a lot of people enjoyed the experience.

I just tried to blog about it, but I’m so tired I’m falling asleep as I type. I would write more but can’t keep my eyes open.

I typed two or three paragraphs that have disappeared because I just hit the delete key…. Argh!

Another craft stall

_20191127_235948If you are in Longport on Saturday or Sunday (30th November, 1st December,) why not call round to the Waiting Room gallery. They are holding Christmas workshops and I will be there with my stall. I’m still doing new tiny paintings for decorations on your Christmas tree, or small paintings, with lots of ideas.

Might see you there?


Home is Where the Art is revisited.


I’ve has a busy day! I took eight paintings up to the Brampton museum and art gallery for their annual Christmas show, which is an exhibition by a group of local artists to se their art through December. I still have two paintings in there for the Orme Art group show. Then I popped over to the Waiting room gallery to see their ‘Home is where the Art is – revisited’ this is another group show on for a couple of weeks. I have two paintings in it.

I’ve never had so much work exhibited in so many places at once!

Rie’s little animals

IMG_20191013_155451_141 (2) (2) (2)_optimized

These little animals are by my friend Rie. She’s also made pumpkins, and they are for sale at the Waiting room gallery in Longport, Stoke-on-Trent. Some of them are based on Egyptian gods, others look like cats, dogs and foxes.

I’ve already got a few of Rie’s pieces and I bought an animal from this collection. I think she might be making a chess set soon.

Finished paintings


Finished paintings delivered to the Waiting room gallery today. They are going to be part of the “Home is Where the Art is” exhibition starting soon. Now I need to work on paintings for the Brampton Christmas sale exhibition. I’ve only got a week to get some appropriate work done. I might also find out about getting some cards made from my images.


Exhibition closed


After extending my exhibition at the Waiting room gallery it finished today. I’ve collected the paintings and one at least is going to a new home.

It was a pleasure to work with Frank Foy and Allison Dias who run the gallery. Despite unforseen problems they were very helpful and I look forward to working with them again.

The waiting room gallery is welcoming to artists, it is reasonably priced and they have good knowledge of art. Visit if you can.


Brown Betty


I got this Brown Betty teapot from Cherished Chimneys in Longport in Stoke-on-Trent. Its a traditional shape and colour. Apparently they keep tea warm for longer.

Cherished Chimneys have a teapot exhibition in their building (they actually mainly sell reclaimed chimneys) we had fun choosing the teapot from them.

We had been in the Waiting room gallery across the road at a Macmillan coffee morning to raise funds for their cancer care support work. A very good cause. Then we went to Bread in common, an artistic cafe that bakes bread and also cooks vegetarian food on a Fridays. Then to the British Ceramic Biennial in the afternoon. All in all a very busy day.

Then when we got home I did a few more tiny paintings, but that’s another story….