Jupiter’s pole

Probably my most abstract image, actually me trying to paint one of the poles of Jupiter taken by the Juno probe a few years ago. It just popped up in my Facebook memories. I find blending difficult for paintings like this. Acrylic dries to quickly to get a fluffy feel to the clouds. I might revisit this and add a bit more to it.


Eleven year old painting

Another old painting. This was from about eleven years ago. The planet has only completed part of its orbit around the sun since I painted it. I don’t know why I paint astronomical objects, they are hard to do! Acrylic on canvas. This was my attempt at Jupiter. This banded gas giant is renowned for its great red spot (a storm that has been shrinking for a few centuries). I think painting planets is like knitting, trying to fit the right pattern in the right place. I also don’t think my paint is blended enough. I have lots of astronomical paintings, I need someone to be interested in them!

More random thoughts.

Chatting with hubby after watching a programme about how the solar system formed and that Jupiter might have migrated inwards towards the sun only to be stopped by Saturn’s gravity causing it to take a grand tack like in sailing back out to its current position. They also talked a out Neptune and Uranus being formed closer to the Sun but being pushed out by Jupiter and maybe another unknown gas or ice giant being flung out of the Solar system entirely. Hubby said this if course discounts the fact that the Solar system could have been created in the current state by God! The thought that he thinks this surprised me! If the Universe is random how can we think (or prove) anything like that? I’m was a bit nonplussed. I think about infinity a lot. If there is a God and it is infinite would it be outside the universe or would it be the Universe with the objects in it being like how atoms relate to us? Some very strange ideas. One for a philosopher not me!


Just been up to the Waiting room gallery in Longport, Stoke-on-Trent. They have hung my tryptich of Jupiter and it is for sale if anyone wants to contact me about it. I’ve said I would sell canvases individually but I think it’s better if it was sold as all three canvases. The image is based on a photo of Jupiter’s surface including part of one if its poles. I’m not sure which? Taken by the Juno mission a few years ago. Acrylic on canvas. It’s hung horizontally but it could be hung vertically or even diagonally. Is there an up and down in zero gravity? Just imagine being there, what a fantastic sight it would be!

Two years ago

I was in the studio at Spode painting this image of one of the poles of Jupiter. It was based on a photo from the Juno probe to Jupiter. I was amazed at the blue colours and the strong swirling currents in the cloud scape. I hope to go back to the studio soon, but I kept away because of underlying health conditions. I’m probably being over protective but I want to stay safe. I could go back, but I’m waiting till Omicron and Covid have really reduced. Our government say people don’t have to wear masks anymore. I’m not that confident. X

Earth painting

And then I paint planets too!

Acrylic on canvas, I’m interested in astronomy and this view of the Earth was taken from a photo. It shows parts of Africa, Greenland, Europe and the Americas. I think you can see the wind directions indicated by the clouds.

I’ve also painted views of the Moon, Jupiter and Mars, together with nebulae and galaxies. It may be something I do again.