Shops or shoes

Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was Shops. I don’t go to the shops very often unless it’s to get grocery shopping. I couldn’t think what to draw so I decided to sketch an imaginary shoe shop. It didn’t help that my black ink liner pen was running out so it’s a bit scratchy. I just used felt pens for colour, but they are starting to run out too.

Archaeological dog walking?

Not with those soles!

This was a patch of concrete or cement on the pavement next to a telecommunications box. Maybe someone in forensics could date these soles, their size, the weight of the person? The dog print looks like it’s a large dog, big claws on it. And the crack, did that happen because there are tree roots below it? Why stand on this? I wonder if it was deliberate.

Digital drawing

Thought I would do an observational drawing of my walking shoes. I’d been looking for them and when I found them stored in a plastic box they were covered in grey mould! I must have stored them when they were damp last year.

My hubby treated them with dilute bleach and they seem fine now. I’ve been walking in these and some dark red ones with higher ankle sides and whirr fluffy linings. I might draw them next.

I’m doing a series of observational drawings, at least one a day, do this seemed appropriate as I have been walking in them today.

Digital drawing as you can see….

Digital urban sketch


Today’s challenge for usk Stoke was to draw my favourite footwear.

I don’t own many pairs of shoes. I’ve got these banana yellow ones, but I haven’t worn them in yet.

This drawing was done on an app called ArtRage. I got the pro version last year as a birthday present.

The drawing is difficult because the colours mix on screen and it’s a bit like painting in liquid butter with a stick, as I was using a stylus. I found getting the size of pens, pencils, or brushes hard, as the size goes from very small, to smallish!

Anyway after faffing about for a while I managed to get a reasonable representation.


Hi I’m trying new editor

Vintage shoes 

Right, well, I’m just trying to see how this looks. Normally I use a format which I like. I know how it will turn out. But as it looks like we will have to use the new editor I thought I would have a go.

So I’m pressing buttons and hoping. I’ve already changed the format into bold large text and back again…… 

So the shoes were at a vintage craft fair I went to today. Trouble was, they were about a size 4 (UK) and I’m a 5…plus I don’t do heels, but they were beautiful and only £15. Sadly I decided I didn’t need them.

Well now I’ve found a colour block, but what I need is categories to add tabs….. 

Photo, new editor, learning, well that was me trying to add tabs. I previewed this and it looks a bit scrappy…..