When I was at school our teacher taught us a rhyme to remember how to pronounce the letter H (or ‘a itches are wrong’ it means you are dropping your H). It went like this:

Old Harry Oakes,

Host of the Hare and Hounds,

Has Hard, and Horribly Horny Hands!

We had to stand up and say this in class! I think it’s because we all had Birmingham accents and he wanted us to sound more middle class!

I can remember a few more rhymes and nursery rhymes that have popped into my mind recently. Is this a sign of getting old?

2 thoughts on “Aitches

  1. Another option – Your not stressed out of your brain with deadlines anymore with work.

    I have an Italian friend who struggles with H. She will say the word ‘air’ but it will sound like ‘hair’. Wonder if your rhyme would help.

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