Limerick about hair

I write silly limericks each week on a friend’, Esther Chilton’s, blog. I don’t usually share them here but I thought I would with the one I wrote on her blog last week. I hadn’t been feeling well and I forgot I had written this. I can’t remember the word that we had to base the limerick on, I think it was State, you have a one word prompt. It does not have to be the word you rhyme with, it can sit anywhere within the limerick:

 Just look at the state of my hair!

This lockdowns been really unfair

My mane has extended

Far more than intended

From the top to the foot of the stairs!

I hope it made you chuckle. Limericks have a two, two, one pattern, the first two and last line should rhyme and lines three and four are often shorter and have a different pattern to their rhymes.


Hubby making apple bread?

An explosion in the kitchen? No hubby making apple bread. There was flour over the draining board, the crockery drainer, in the sink, on the floor. He got me to scrape the dough off his hands it was so sticky. He had added oats and rye flour to a bag of breadmaking flour which had added yeast. It wasn’t rising very well but he added cooking apples to the loaves.

Now they are in the oven, cooking, I wonder how they will turn out? In half an hour I will know.

HS2 (high speed two) railway

Felled ancient Oak

From Facebook. I decided to share this here to show what stupid ideas our government have. This and many other ancient trees are being cut down because we (our government) wants to build a railway between London and Birmingham and then on to Manchester and Leeds. But the lines won’t go into the city centres, so you will have to travel to the new hub stations. They say it will cut twenty minutes off the journey time between Manchester and London! Wow. And to do this they need straight tracks because fast trains don’t like curves. Well, of course chopping down trees for that MUST be justified! Not that we can actually afford it or have people working in cities anymore.

The Hunningham Oak which is one of the ancient trees nominated for Tree of the Year now felled by HS2!

Thank you to all tree protectors who tried to save this once magnificent tree!

Some of the campaigns include these if you want to get involved….

Save Cubbington Woods – Stop HS2
The Woodland Trust
Save Roald Dahl Woods from HS2


Anti HS2 – SOC (Save our Countryside)
Save the Colne Valley
Xandra Gilchrist

Another late night

I must stop staying up and watching TV late at night. I’ve got into the habit of watching a TV series that is streamed every night. I used to watch it a few years ago and when it came back on I started watching. Virtually every night.

Why? Comfort. I can relax when I watch it. I get taken back in time, I like it. But it’s late at night, sometimes later than others, that has consequences, it means I get up late. I know I don’t go to work anymore, but half the day has gone.

Luckily the series ends soon. And this is the last series. Only another three weeks and I won’t be watching it anymore. But I am glued to the screen at the moment. What will I do without my little addiction. What else will tickle my fancy? I’m just glad I don’t have a subscription to a video streaming platform, or I will be lost.

Let me go back

Let me go back to 2019

When I played mock mayor

And was wigged in wool hair.

My hubby was wearing

A gown with great bearing

Cross dressed

In his best

In straw hat with beard

While his words were heard

Speaking prattle and tosh

To a crowd all a hush

Paraded the iron market

With oyez oyez, harked

A speech for the day

The people to play

Drink and be glutton

And eat best mutton

Till the end of the day

With nothing to pay.

Mock mayor on that day.

To the world on display…..

A heart of sky

I could add edges to this photo and make a more definite heart shape, but I like it as it is. Late summer fluffy clouds drift in a sky that turned cloudy and grey an hour later. Laurel, Russian vine and Wisteria frame the blue. The vine has been cut back and the flowers are turning brown. The Wisteria needs pruning and the laurel is blocking out most of the light in our sunny patch.

Most of the rest if the garden is covered over with trees. The leaves gather light from every gap. It’s amazing how they space themselves so they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

You look up and try and see dragons or puppies in the sky. Dancing horses, faces, hands, ufo’s, giraffes, teddy bears. It’s all there, up in that heart of sky.

Old touring bikes

Claud Butler and Viking Queen bikes. Looking a bit the worse for wear, in need of TLC. I wish I could still cycle but I’m not very fit and my hips are too stiff to get onto my bike. My hubby still uses his. But I have memories of cycling thirty or forty miles at a time, cycling in the pouring rain, trying to catch trains and missing them so cycling home in the middle of the night. Mending punctures when it was so cold that the patch wouldn’t stick till it got warm when the sun came up. Visiting friends and relatives, visiting beautiful houses and castles. Cycling up massive hills. Lots of memories.

Sore throat

Oh I feel rough. My throat is really sore and I’m aching. I’ve had a very quiet day, plenty to drink and some painkillers. I’m sure it’s just an autumn cold but I’m fed up with it. I have things to do. College starts again tomorrow. I’m still walking and trying to get a bit fitter, but I feel like I’ve been knocked off my feet. I will see how I feel later but I might have an early night. I haven’t blogged much today. I have a few pictures I might add. I don’t know yet….

My hero

Batman mural I painted.

No not Batman, my hubby. We were walking home this evening, when we saw a young couple over the other side of the road start to argue. The man was taller than the young woman and had started swearing at her. She was arguing back but getting the worst end of things, suddenly he picked her up over his shoulder and started to run with her. Like a rugby tackle. There were people walking past next to the couple but they were doing nothing, just walking past and away. Suddenly next to me my hubby started shouting. Oi, put her down! Leave her alone! What do you think you are doing?!, the man put the girl down. They were still fighting though. So he carried on shouting, leave her alone! I’m calling the police if you don’t leave her alone! We were still over the road, I got my phone out to ring them up, but the couple ran off into the darkness. I hope the woman will be OK. She ran off with the man, perhaps they had been drinking or taking drugs? At least my hubby intervened. He stopped them hurting each other.