My odd collections


Recently I’ve acquired a lot of hats, which is odd really because I’m not a ‘hat’ person. I get them if it’s a sunny day and I need shade. Then I forget about them. I now have one on the back seat of my car.

There are so many hats for so many uses. We have a climbing or caving hat. My hubby has two flat cats, a trilby and I bought him a deerstalker for winter (keeps his ears warm). I have a couple of trilby’s someone was getting rid of. I decided to take them. Then two straw hats, and a blue crotched one with a wire to stiffen the brim. The trouble with the ones with wire in is that it can get bent. In one case the wire snapped and the brim of it became very floppy. I ended up throwing it away. I’ve never had a baseball cap and never want to.




Urban sketchers Stoke-on-Trent has started a new challenge from another artist. Today’s prompt was headgear, so I drew three hats over the other side of the room. A crotchet hat, a straw hat and a caving or climbing helmet. The washing and clothes airer are there so it’s a bit of a jumble and needs tidying. But there you go.. Headgear.