Red sky morning…another bad rhyme

I got up early

after going late to bed

The sun was below the horizon

The sky was deep red.

Got to take a picture

Run downstairs

Get a few shots of it

Then go back to rest

Will the old rhyme come true?

Red sky in the morning

Shepherds warning ?

No sign of rain,

No sign of snow.

A little breeze

But no freeze..

Sunset has come

No reddened sun

So we will see

What is to be.





One cat a leaping,

Two cats a sleeping,

Three cats are creeping,

Four cats are weeping,

Five cats are keening,

Six cats are fleeing,

Seven cats are healing,

Eight cats are peeping,

Nine cats are greeting,

Ten cats are purring…….

Not a good poem, just a bit of rhyming babble….