Career? What career?

What is your career plan?

My life is like an open flower

Petals may soon drop

A career I had

But it is gone

Retired and tired I am.

Work over now

Unless I have

To seek

A few hours here

A few more there

To keep going on.

I wish I could restart time

And make a change to life

Perhaps the years

I toiled at work

Would have been better spent.

My life was dull

To some extent

I played the game of life

The early morns

The evenings dark

When I came home again.

I’m glad that I escaped to art

And life began once more.

Cat wish

I wish I was a cat. Curled up curves, elegant in sleep. Cashew nut shape, spiral, sweet.

I wish I was a cat, that’s just been fed, delicate meals or lion roaring red.

I wish I were a cat, washing paws and face, the most incredible positions, but all done with grace.

I wish I were a cat, out in the wild, climbing trees in gardens. But home again to play.

I wish I were a cat, companion and good friend. Asleep on your lap. Pinned you down, so he can nap!

Wish I was

Wish I was a warm fussy cat

Snoozing on the chair

Tucked up nice and snug

Feeling really very smug

Basking in warm air!

Wish I was a happy little cat

Eating till I’m full

As I’m feeling very fat,

I’d rest my paws and head

Sleeping on the bed.

Wish I were a contented cat

Dreaming of chasing mice

Never having to hunt for food

Playing with my catnip toys

When I’m in the mood.



Being owlish I look carefully at things,

I see them from my flying wings.

I hoot with laughter when I hear a joke.

I spy mice and voles at a stroke,

Will my owlish brain outwit you?

Never know what hit you?

I swoop down so soft and quiet

To consume my rodent diet….

My talons and beak are sharp

Winging down over hill and park.

A barn to rest in is all I ask.

A nest to build is my task.

My eggs and chicks they grow fast

Gobble up food, a tasty repast.

Then once they are grown the fledge

And out to the world they emerge.

So this old owl will towoo some more.

To hear the twit of my Amore.

Red sky morning…another bad rhyme

I got up early

after going late to bed

The sun was below the horizon

The sky was deep red.

Got to take a picture

Run downstairs

Get a few shots of it

Then go back to rest

Will the old rhyme come true?

Red sky in the morning

Shepherds warning ?

No sign of rain,

No sign of snow.

A little breeze

But no freeze..

Sunset has come

No reddened sun

So we will see

What is to be.





One cat a leaping,

Two cats a sleeping,

Three cats are creeping,

Four cats are weeping,

Five cats are keening,

Six cats are fleeing,

Seven cats are healing,

Eight cats are peeping,

Nine cats are greeting,

Ten cats are purring…….

Not a good poem, just a bit of rhyming babble….