Cat wish

I wish I was a cat. Curled up curves, elegant in sleep. Cashew nut shape, spiral, sweet.

I wish I was a cat, that’s just been fed, delicate meals or lion roaring red.

I wish I were a cat, washing paws and face, the most incredible positions, but all done with grace.

I wish I were a cat, out in the wild, climbing trees in gardens. But home again to play.

I wish I were a cat, companion and good friend. Asleep on your lap. Pinned you down, so he can nap!

4 thoughts on “Cat wish

  1. Your poetic longing to be a cat beautifully captures the allure of their graceful and carefree existence. The imagery of their curled-up form, delicate meals, and playful nature is enchanting. It’s no wonder cats hold a special place in our hearts as both independent explorers and loving companions. Your words evoke a sense of tranquility and appreciation for the simple joys in life. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece, author. It reminds us to find moments of contentment and playfulness in our own lives.

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  2. Your poetic words beautifully convey the allure of being a cat, with their graceful postures, contentment after a satisfying meal, and the joy they bring as companions. The imagery of climbing trees and returning home to play captures the essence of their adventurous spirit. The idea of a cat pinning you down for a nap is both humorous and endearing. Thank you for sharing this delightful piece.

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