I saw some catnip for sale today, I usually get the cats catnip toys, but this was a bag of shredded plant material.

Basically the cats loved it. They all rolled about and snuffed it. One of them started chewing my slipper…while I was wearing them. He even chewed at my trouser leg. He also started playing and chewing my straps on my sandals. He ended up rolling round on his back where he’d scattered the catnip on the carpet, he had got underneath the towel I’d put it on and spilt it on the floor.

Now? He’s sleeping like a baby like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth!

Wish I was

Wish I was a warm fussy cat

Snoozing on the chair

Tucked up nice and snug

Feeling really very smug

Basking in warm air!

Wish I was a happy little cat

Eating till I’m full

As I’m feeling very fat,

I’d rest my paws and head

Sleeping on the bed.

Wish I were a contented cat

Dreaming of chasing mice

Never having to hunt for food

Playing with my catnip toys

When I’m in the mood.

Cat toys

Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was games or toys. I have a scrabble game somewhere but haven’t seen it for years. I don’t have any toys, but the cats have plenty….

A lot of them are filled with catnip which drives the cats mad with pleasure. It tends to fade over time, hence the number of toys! Drawn in spectrum noir metallic pencil colours in a little sketch book with a bit of black felt pen to define the edges.

Hey hooman, fetch me my tea

My paws are cold, turn on the heating hooman. Miaow, where’s my food? Little questions or demands they make. Insisting they are served. Hooman you have no choice, you are in my power. Now play with me, no I want to curl up and sleep, oh I’ve changed my mind, I want to go out.

Hooman, you should know I don’t eat THAT food. It is not special enough. Give me more of the rich tasty stuff.

Hooman? Where is my catnip? I née my catnip toy. I love you hooman. But don’t try and pick me up! No I won’t take my claw out of your hand!

Purrr, I’m feeling friendly. Let me put my claws in your leg. Oi let me down hooman. I’ve had enough fuss!