Asleep on the stairs

Beware! Early morning hazard on the stairs. As the days and nights get warmer I think he sleeps on the stairs because there is a cool draught of air descending down them. It does make navigating them difficult for us. Thankfully I have two handrails and I walk carefully anyway. Rushing down (or up) could lead to a serious fall. I am also happy that he has a prominent white mark across his back which makes him more visible against our charcoal grey carpet (which the cats are pulling loose). Early morning perambulation is done at our own risk! Meanwhile he’s snoring quietly, curled up, a step full of fur asleep on the stairs.

Insomnia, leave me alone!

Don’t you know I want to sleep. But my feet hurt and my legs ache and twitch. My shoulder and arm shakes. I have to wear a breathing mask. Then just when I get comfortable the snoring starts! I do love him, my hubby, but he also will put a hand on my shoulder and weigh me down. Really heavy handed. It’s almost four in the morning and I’ve been downstairs getting a warm drink. So I’ve got my phone. Mistake. But he unplugged the alarm this morning and I’m not sure if I’ve set it right, so I need to use my phone alarm incase it doesn’t go off. Three hours till I have to get up. Now it’s make me a cup of tea love? Oh I give up.

I wish I had a cats fur coat

He’s snug, warm, as a bug in a rug, he gets curled up in a ball and he’s happy, he snores, puts his paw over his nose, and might be in the warmest tog sleeping bag or under a heavy duvet. Cats have a luxury coat that we humans don’t. We still have hairs and hair follicles, but as we wear clothes we don’t need a fur pelt. I wonder what came first, clothes or bald patches?

Cats still find warm places to sleep though. Usually on our bed. When it gets really cold they sneak under the duvet and snuggle up. They make a fair hot water bottle. The best thing is how they can sense your mood, sometimes they seem to be mind readers!

Cat asleep

One of my cats sleeps on the armchair arms between me and my hubby. He’s there now curled up. Snoring and purring. He’s a big strong cat, and he knows what he wants and where he wants to sleep. In a while he will be sitting by his cat food bowl (not rattling it, just staring at me, eyes half closed), then when he’s ready he will explore the garden and come in again later when we have gone to bed. Sometimes he sleeps half way up the stairs, then we have to watch out incase we step on him, you can see the problem, thank goodness he has a white patch on his back!

Cat came in

The cat just came in, had some food, then collapsed in a heap on the floor, snoring loudly. He’s placed himself in the way so I will have to step over him when I go back to bed (came down for a drink). He can relax anywhere. Meanwhile the middle sized cat is sleeping near my feet and the small cat just came in and ran upstairs after having some food. I think turning the kitchen lights on signals to them I am up and about.

Why can’t I sleep?

Cats can snooze anywhere. I can hear this one snoring next to me. But I just lie awake. A million thoughts tangle in my head, health issues, pain in my feet and shoulder, snoring from hubby, then there was hunger, thirst. Went and had a slice of toast and a decaff coffee. I did finish a couple of paintings. When I went back to bed I did what I sometimes do and put the radio on to murmur me to sleep, but last night it was too interesting. Even the shipping forecast ‘Dover, Wight, Portland, Plymouth, North backing North West, 25 miles, good, occasional rain and mist. Two to three.’ Something like that. Then there’s a news briefing, farming today, a prayer for today, tweet of the day (birdsong) then into the Today programme. Radio four. Somewhere around six thirty I fell asleep only to be woken at ten by my hubby who had slept for twelve hours! Argh!

One hour!

That’s how much sleep I got last night. My hubby has a cold and was coughing and snoring. He hurt his leg a week ago and can’t get comfortable. I think I’m having another attack of gout as my feet and hands hurt. I couldn’t get comfortable and as I’ve cut down on the central heating it means the bedroom is cold at night. A fight over the duvet ensued. So I came downstairs and read for a couple of hours. I knew I was supposed to get up and go somewhere. That didn’t help. In the end I fell asleep at about 9am then woke up at 10am. I should have been out at the meeting. In the end I gave up and sent my apologies. I went back to sleep at about midday and woke up just after 3pm. Another night of insomnia! Is it any wonder that I fall asleep in the day!


The cat is gently snoring next to me. I wonder why he snores? None of my other cats ever have. He doesn’t appear to be ill. His nose is warm and dry, he doesn’t have any discharge. He is big and slightly overweight. But he’s also fast and able to look after himself, we often see him leaping around the garden and recently he’s started playing with cat toys.

After being abandoned and left to fend for himself he stayed in our garden until we adopted him, I guess he’s bound to have some health problems. But he does not like being picked up. I have tried getting him in a cat carrier before now and severely regretted it. If the snoring gets worse he will have to go to the vets. But at the moment I will forgive his mild snoring. X

Sleeping cat

Last night I came downstairs because my back was hurting and yet again I was having a sleepless night. But that wasn’t the same for the cats! This boy was asleep on the floor so I has to carefully step over him to get to my armchair. Then he woke up and jumped on the chair arm and settled down next to me. Then the other boy cat jumped up on my hubbies chair. Soon they were both snoozing next to me. I eventually went back upstairs because this cat started snoring! I was so tired I actually went to sleep. X

Snoring cat 🙀!

The cat that came in from the cold.. Our outside cat is mostly indoors now. He’s grown into a big cat. He’s getting portly and sometimes when he sleeps he snores! He is outside in the garden in the day but when it gets dark he sleeps on the arms of our armchairs on a cushion. He’s very sweet and purrs at me and makes cute miraow noises when I feed him. He’s lovely and the other two cats tolerate him well. I make sure they all get loved. I suppose I felt sorry for him because he was abandoned and he needed looking after.