Oranges, pears and plums. Tasty treats. I might get some set Greek style yoghurt and have a sliced orange with my cereal in the morning.

Fruit is healthier than fruit juice because instead of giving your body a quick hit of sugar (fructose), it takes longer to absorb if you have the fibres of the fruit to digest to release the sweetness. I learnt to my cost when I was younger. I was drinking a lot of fruit smoothies every day. Very nice, but it affected my health after a couple of years of drinking them. It really is a case of everything in moderation.

We are lucky to have fresh fruit here, but not everyone can afford it. It’s cheaper to buy sweets or food with too much sugar added. A poor diet really is bad for you, but if you are poor it’s not easy to be healthy.

Happy Easter

Eggcellent Easter wishes!

My sister bought me a mini egg Easter egg. It’s been years since I’ve had one. I opened the foil wrapping and made a small hole in the chocolate eggs side. I tipped a few of these pretty patterned chocs out, took a picture and slowly ate them (very sweet!) then rewrapped the treat in its covering, there was still a gap so I’ve turned it so the front looks untouched. I have fastened the box up. Put it back on top of the fridge. Hope hubby doesn’t notice or he might snaffle the rest if it!

Half a trifle

Dessert is in the fridge. Well half, we have already had some for tea. It’s a trifle made of sugar free blackberry jelly with gelatine (not jam) with added raspberries and port. Topped with chocolate blancmange and whipped double cream.

It’s all sugar free so although it’s got fat and carbs in it, it’s not bad for sugar content. I try not to eat cake or biscuits, but this with fresh fruit in is lovely. I sometimes use strawberry or orange flavour jelly. You can also make it with sherry instead of port or alcohol free. Sometimes you can use sponge fingers in the jelly to make it stronger. It has to support the weight of the top two layers. But I don’t use that because they are too sweet. And some people add a layer of custard instead of blancmange, which us increasingly difficult to get hold of unless you buy it online. If you make it I hope you enjoy it. X

Cat came in

The cat just came in, had some food, then collapsed in a heap on the floor, snoring loudly. He’s placed himself in the way so I will have to step over him when I go back to bed (came down for a drink). He can relax anywhere. Meanwhile the middle sized cat is sleeping near my feet and the small cat just came in and ran upstairs after having some food. I think turning the kitchen lights on signals to them I am up and about.

Wet cat

He came in, soaking wet, plonked himself down without even a cat lick, and went to sleep. This cats not bothered, he just wants a rest after being out all day. I think he’s been mooching, playing in the rain with my other two cats, like a little pride of lions. Sometimes they chase each other up and down the trees. Getting excited and playing at who can climb the highest. Onto shed and house roofs. Then they come in, eat and sleep.

Croissant and banana!

I wanted something to eat and I decided to have a couple of croissants. I split them and spread a bit of butter on them, but I shouldn’t eat jam, so what else? I saw a banana, it’s a similar shape so I sliced along it’s length horizontally. One half folded into each puff pastry croissant. Delicious! I might try them with whipped cream next time!

Curled up

Drawing in biro of the cat curled up between us. Normally he’s beside us by now but he came in, ate and then went back out again.

In other news, another cat is coming in to eat! I heard my boy cat making purring noises and turned to look. A cat that is mostly black with a very thin white mark on its nose, had come in and was eating my cats food! It’s thin so I didn’t chase it out. Its the third time I’ve seen it. The other two times was outside. I’m not sure we need another cat!

Cat sleeps

He’s there again, on the arms of the chairs. He has a cushion balanced between our two armchairs. He’s in from the cold, curled up. He will sit there for a couple of hours, then get bored or two warm, and go off again, outside one exploring, or he will go and eat and drink then come back. Yes his belly is big, he’s a happy cat. X