My hubby just opened the back door and started shouting ‘come here quick’, I rushed over, expecting to see the stray cat we feed by the back door. Instead there was a huge šŸ¦” Hedgehog. It was scoffing the cat food we had put out for the stray! It’s as big as a small cat. It rushed off into the night when it was disturbed. I know we haven’t had many slugs and snails lately despite the wet weather. Now I think I know why! Still a bit of a shock to see it in the middle of a city. As long as it keeps away from roads it should be OK.





Evidence of a BIG mouse.

So in these self isolating, lockdown times. My hubby decided to open the ‘Christmas cake in a ring pull tin’.

It was there as a treat for some time in the future. But as things are, OK why not? I’m not allowed to eat much sweet stuff but I thought I could have a small sample.

Anyway, after ten minutes of trying to open the tin, he got the can opener on it as the ring pull didn’t ‘pull’. He managed to cut round the base (thats where the ring pull is).

Another struggle, there was a thin strip of metal sticking up. So I got the key off a can of corned beef, and after much fiddling got the cover off the cake. Then I put a plate on top and tipped the tin over to release the cake.

There it was, surrounded by nice white, pleated, grease proof paper.

Hubby got a knife and cut himself a quarter. Then, he started picking loose bits of fruit off the rest of the cake! He stuck his fingers in his mouth each time and licked his index finger as he picked up another crumb!

I was upset! I told him there was no way I could eat any of it now. The only way I could have any would be to slice off the top and bottom and sides to leave a small bit from the inside.

I did threaten to do this but as the only gloves I have are the gardening ones that I was using today to cut back roses and Ivy, I decided that would not be a good idea.

I put the cake in the fridge. Ten minutes later when I went to get some milk for a coffee? Well you can see…. A BIG mouse had been at it!




Citrus plants


My hubby has bought some citrus plants and has them in pots in the garden. They came with the fruit on them. He took them inside the summerhouse for a couple of nights but he’s trying to let them harden off. One was a kumquat, whatever that is. I sort of think they were ornamental, but they say they are edible…. He just eats them whole! Anyone know what these are?

Anyway I might chop one up and add it to a gin and tonic!




Who knew, well I didn’t, that potatoes are very full of carbohydrates that turn into sugar in your body? I went to a course to help me lose weight and we were discussing how much carbohydrates convert into sugar when you digest it. The worst culprits we’re white bread, rice, and potatoes. They explained that instead of looking at the traffic lights onĀ  packetsĀ  of foods (showing green, amber and red for amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrate, sugar and salt), if you look at the back of the packaging you can see the total carbohydrates. Divide that by three and it turns out that the answer is how many teaspoons of sugar it would convert to. So 15 grams of sugar equate to 5 teaspoons of sugar.

So what about potato? A single medium potato is equal to 18 teaspoons of sugar! That means it has 54grams of carbohydrate! Who knew? Well I wi have to take this into account. More vegetables less carbs!



Loads of ripe cherries

High in the tree

Out of reach of human hands

But not from beaks you see.

Blackbirds, pigeons and magpies

Each have their fill

Of sweet red cherries

They have the skill,

Of flying high above me

Pecking at the fruit

Eating all the ripe ones

In their aerial persuit.

Sweet red cherries

Small and round and neat.

I go without

And the birds get a treat!

Cooking stuffed peppers



I used,

4 yellow bell peppers with their tops cut off and de-seeded.

Small amount of lean minced beef (I could have used quorn mince). 600 grams.

1 corgette finely chopped. (after I cooked this I suggest 1/2 instead)

8 baby corn cobs, finely chopped. (after trying this use 4)

1 small onion, finely chopped.

The tops of the yellow peppers, finely chopped.

1 small jar of Bolognese sauce.

A cup of brown rice. (1/2 a cup instead)

Garlic olive oil (or 3 garlic cloves and ordinary olive oil)

Grated cheese

Salt and pepper to taste.


Fry off the mince and vegetables till softened and cooked.

Boil the rice in water until aldenteĀ  (cooked but still a bit hard)

Once the meat and veg are cooked add the bolognese sauce and the brown rice.

Spoon the mix into the peppers. Cook them in a gas mark 6 (medium hot) oven for 15 minutes then check and if not cooked put them back in for 5 minutes.

Eat …

Fingers crossed.

Result: very tasty but a bit too much for two! Use less brown rice, half a courgette (zucchini) and 4 baby corn instead. (I’ve altered the amounts in the recipe) the original amounts would do for 3 or 4 people.Ā 20190213_221418