Hey hooman, fetch me my tea

My paws are cold, turn on the heating hooman. Miaow, where’s my food? Little questions or demands they make. Insisting they are served. Hooman you have no choice, you are in my power. Now play with me, no I want to curl up and sleep, oh I’ve changed my mind, I want to go out.

Hooman, you should know I don’t eat THAT food. It is not special enough. Give me more of the rich tasty stuff.

Hooman? Where is my catnip? I née my catnip toy. I love you hooman. But don’t try and pick me up! No I won’t take my claw out of your hand!

Purrr, I’m feeling friendly. Let me put my claws in your leg. Oi let me down hooman. I’ve had enough fuss!

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