July Cats

A calendar with a kitten, cat hooks for key rings, a bit congested but an interesting photo I think. If you look closer you can see an umbrella leaning there. The calender hangs from a paperclip. Oh the joys of non style! I’m messy, not stylish, I’m not tidy, I’m a pragmatic housekeeper. If it works just leave it! July, it’s a cute month. (apologies for the use of the kitten photo, I don’t know the photographer).


The ooutdoor cat is mostly in now. He’s Bern in for about four hours tonight.

He is getting happier. He plays like a kitten! It’s like he’s gone back to being a young cat, not a slightly scruffy middle aged cat. His coat is shiny, and the scratches he had on his nose have almost healed up.

By the way if you want to read a bit more about him, there is a short piece I wrote about him at the Katzenworld blog here at WordPress. He was featured today on their web page.



One of my cats kittens from three years ago, popped up on my Facebook page a few weeks ago. She was rehomed with her sister and they are grown up and happy. We are thinking about taking in another adult stray cat, but he needs checking over at the vets, and my male cat is going to the vets for treatment in the morning. Life is complicated. Then if my cat is OK I need to find out about treatment, tablets, worst case scenario.

Oh dear.




Two years ago we had four tiny kittens, only a few weeks old, eyes barely open.

So cute…. a few weeks later they were climbing the curtains and up the wood chip wallpaper in the front bedroom. Sneaking downstairs (they were born in the front bedroom). Climbing up inside my trouser legs (ouch). Playing with string, cat toys, a plastic ball with bells in. As their teeth grew they enjoyed charing each other and nipping and pawing waving tails.

The joy of kittens. Unfortunately they grow into full size cats…. But all four  went to good homes. Two boys to one home, two girls to another house. All of them are happy and healthy.


Missing cat


I found out my sisters beautiful little kitten/cat went missing a few weeks ago. She just disappeared one night. If anyone lives in Rhyl near the coast road  between Prestatyn and Rhyl please can you keep an eye out for her. She is microchipped. This is a bit of a spur of the moment request and I can’t remember her name. I don’t want to upset my sister so I’m just quietly asking.

Thanks for any information.



My sister has a new kitten. She took it in because the person who had it had too many pets. Anyway it’s an apricot tortoiseshell. She only found that out after a trip to the vets.

It is such a sweet kitten, very friendly apart from when it bites your fingers

I forgot the joy of having a kitten, there is something lovely about an animal befriending you. Trusting you to look after it. At the moment it’s asleep and all curled up. It’s been a busy day and I think it needs a rest. I wish I could keep it but that would not be fair.

There might be a possibility of painting it though. Need to get some nice clear photos.



India and Bandit…

India and Bandit were kittens, born in January 2017. They were two of four born to their mother.

I had taken in two rescue cats and one if them turned out to be pregnant.  They were cute as kittens are, bouncing round the house, climbing up the curtains, spinning round chasing their tails….

They have new names now, are fully grown I guess. I saw some of their photos and they looked lovely. I haven’t seen pictures of them recently so I hope they are doing well.

I have tried to write a poem about a kitten….

Kitten runs around the house,               Up and down the stairs.   Jumps from ground…                                             to curtain top.    Leaps across the bed.

Kitten rolls and plays with toys,                   into everything….      chases tail for hours and hours….             pounces on my nose,   falls asleep and purrs.

Kitten grows into a cat….                         lythe and soft and fast    still she chases all her toys                             never seems to stop      waits for belly rubs.

Cat grows old                                                        now she snores      she is old and grey.              Now she creeps but never leaps        one day she will be gone.