My cats daughter

My friend posted a photo of one of her cats yesterday, and it was my cats daughter. She looks so cute with her black mask. She’s grown into a full sized cat, but her sister, who was also adopted by my friend, is only tiny like her mum.

So it’s great to see her thriving. I love her black mask, reminds me of batman! Apparently she was looking in through a window to check if my friends dog was about, but it was in another room asleep.

It’s good to know how they are. I don’t hear about their brothers who were adopted by a couple a few miles away. We did see photos of them growing up though. It’s nice to keep track of them….


Votes early, vote often?

Reading a friends blog about the mid term elections in the USA it made me wonder about the whole thing. I posted this response to her post:

Interesting news on the ‘tinternet’ I keep seeing videos of what people are up to in different states but I saw one where republicans who include some ‘oath takers?’ will be guarding ballot boxes, especially between midnight and six am, to make sure no one tries to put lots of votes into the boxes… An extention of ‘stop the steal’? And they said they might carry guns!! Weird, is this democracy? No pun intended.

I seem to be getting more and more commentary about the elections, but in a way I’m quite interested, I know it’s none of my business, but there are so many world issues including war and global warming and climate change isn’t it about time the world’s largest democracies had a grown up and serious discussion about the whole world instead of soap opera style politics.