My old cat Jinx

A rescue cat. Another photo from forty years ago. This was our old cat. He was due to be put down because he wasn’t wanted so we took him in. He lived another year and died of old age and kidney problems. I did a painting of this photo on an old wooden cupboard door as I didn’t have the money to afford any canvases while I was on holiday from college. The painting was exhibited and sold to someone at Stoke Garden Festival I think? And I did love him, even though it was for a limited time.

Ginger cat


I don’t paint ginger cats very often, but I painted this on a bauble last week on a whim. Then the next day I was talking to a friend and she showed me a photo of her relatives cat. He’s a ginger Tom!

Yes coincidence, but it was bizzare. Its almost time was going backwards, or I’m predicting something that hasn’t happened yet. I know there is an arrow of time, a broken pot doesn’t leap up off the floor and mend itself. It was just strange. Like seeing an exploded star coalescing back into a star, then melting into a disc of dust.

The world is a wonderful, amazing place. Things happen without us understanding.

Anyway I’m glad the cat bauble went to a good home.