Idea for a painting

Sprig moulded jug? Longport

Hmm, still thinking about painting this. I like the colours and the ellipses. It looks good against the dark green background. The pattern on the plate has colours matching in with the jug and the wall. If I paint it I think I will enlarge the jug slightly, it’s a little small for the composition.

Abstract pots

Turn a photo into an abstract by mirroring it in the Layout app run through Instagram and Facebook. If you take a photo that is a bit lopsided then when you multiply the image you get interesting patterns. You can rotate the pictures so you can get a variety of different patterns.

Experiment and see what suits you. If you see odd patterns that can be interesting. Branches enclosing a flower. In this case mirrored handles on the pot makes for an unusual ceramic object when all it is, is a jug. Ariel roots and leaves from my orchid plants frame the resulting pattern.



I just found this memory, I’d decorated this jug, I did it at a local pottery in 2017. Now if I could only find the other side with the cat looking outwards not with its back to us! I think I gave it as a Christmas present. That’s the trouble with random memories if they are not in context. I only know when this was because I painted 2017 on it. By the way it’s meant to be a tortoiseshell cat.



Jug photo


I was visiting the Waiting room gallery today to take in my two new paintings. I saw this jug (is it sprig molded?)

It looked classical, it might end up being a pottery painting. The dark green really brings out the colour of the jug, while the shadows help give it a three dimensionality. The shelf it is on is white painted wood which gives it a nice texture. It’s owned by my friend Alison. I think she said it might be a Portmeirion piece although there is no backstamp or other marks on its base.

Taken in natural light from the gallery window on my mobile phone.

Hand painted jug


My hand painted jug. I chose to paint it with a tortoise shell cat (black white and ginger). With added daisy type flowers. I gave it as a Christmas gift last year. I like keeping my hand in by decorating pottery. I don’t get the chance to do this very often. It came up on my Facebook memories page. I think I did it on a visit to the Emma Bridgewater factory in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.


Not another one!


Soon to be finished I hope. The top image was taken at 5.30am…but I need some sleep!

This painting of a jug had a pattern of Ivy and Holly which is similar to something I saw on a Spode mug.

The background of Ivy leaves will need work as will the shape at the top of the jug. I’m trying to get an effect of shiny tiles underneath it and a fabric screen behind. The painting may have some gold added to it as I want to paint studs or rivets around the screen at the back.