Orchid drawing

Orchid plant, black ink drawing over green sprayed and blown ink. Based on the idea of Shibui found art by my friend Pejj Nunes. The idea is you create a background from paint by using random methods and then add detailed images on top of the base idea. I’m not sure if this is the correct way of doing it but I like it. …

Abstract pots

Turn a photo into an abstract by mirroring it in the Layout app run through Instagram and Facebook. If you take a photo that is a bit lopsided then when you multiply the image you get interesting patterns. You can rotate the pictures so you can get a variety of different patterns.

Experiment and see what suits you. If you see odd patterns that can be interesting. Branches enclosing a flower. In this case mirrored handles on the pot makes for an unusual ceramic object when all it is, is a jug. Ariel roots and leaves from my orchid plants frame the resulting pattern.

Growth, today’s challenge.


My orchid plant is growing fast. Ariel roots are growing out of the pot.

The flowers have been there for a few weeks now. I don’t know what species it is, just that it’s quite pink!

Stoke Urban Sketchers challenge, day 23. Black ink pen and permanent marker pens.




Orchid I see you flying,                                                                         Up through Sun and space                                                                     growing tall and twisting,                                                                     bricks and tiles supporting. ..

I don’t know why I like making these pictures from ordinary photos. I feel like they are alien views of life. If you had faceted eyes you may see things like this. In fact human and animal eyes project an image upside down on your retina. The brain has to turn it the right way up. The same thing happens with a telescope, the image you look at is upside down, but how many people look through a telescope?

The orchid is new, its in our kitchen, but the cat knocked it off the cupboard and although I have put it back in its container its looking a bit poorly. I think its too cold.. I’ve got some new orchid medium so I’m going to re pot it.